Apex Legends Season 3 Tier List

The third season of Respawn's battle royale Apex Legends has launched and is the biggest update to the game since it surprise launched very early in 2019. Now that Apex season 3 is officially underway, the meta is beginning to shift as a result of the changes being made. It is time to reevaluate which legends are the best of the best and which will not be getting much play in the competitive season.

The new map World's Edge will, for the time being, be the only map available to play so Apex fans have a lot to look forward to as they learn the map and we see how it changes the meta. New weapons and hop-ops were added to change up the weapon meta as well. Numerous other balancing tweaks and changes have been added but one new feature stands above the rest.

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The addition of new character Crypto is shaking everything up. He's the most unique character Respawn has released yet. His surveillance drone allows more tactical play and encourages players to take a more supporting role in team composition. He has potential to be the most game-changing DLC character in the short history of Apex.

It is still early enough in season 3 that these rankings are subject to change in the coming months, but based on the rankings at the end of season 2 and the new additions, this is a completely up to date Apex Legends character tier list.

S Tier

Lifeline - There is only one Lifeline. She has been an Apex Legends staple since day one and nothing has ever slowed her down. She is still the only legend who can heal entire teams and has proven to still be vital to the meta. There are more interesting and complex picks, for sure, but no one has ever turned their nose up at a teammate picking Lifeline.

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Crypto - It is almost unfair how finely tuned to World's Edge Crypto is. The map's sight lines feel designed for Crypto to use his drone ability, putting him at a distinct advantage. In fact, Crypto feels designed to reinforce team play as the game gets more offense based. His support abilities synergize well with other top tier characters like Bangalore and his EMP ultimate is a counter to the now left behind trap-focused characters.

Bangalore - Bangalore was already a top damage dealer and fan favorite. And now, in season 3, she has been buffed. The minor improvement has doubled the damage of her Rolling Thunder ability. All things considered, it is a minor buff that won't change the meta much, but it means that Bangalore will remain a top tier character for the foreseeable future.

A Tier

Wraith - Wraith was a once dominant character that is still very good, but has been slightly nerfed. Most recently, she received a change to her Dimensional Rift that ensures it no longer deploys if players are downed before placing it. Respawn has made comments addressing fans complaints regrading Wraith's balancing and they are looking into implementing more fixes.

Gibraltar - It may be surprising to see this legend ranked so high, but after a rough season 2, Gibraltar was buffed in one of the big changes to season 3. For starters, his Dome Shield has received a huge buff. The throw distance and cooldown have been increased significantly and as an added bonus players in the Dome Shield use healing items 25% faster. The cooldown on his ultimate has been decreased and the throw distance has increased over 30%. He may not be top tier, but Gibraltar is the character who is seeing the most improvement this season.

Bloodhound - Bloodhound's more tactical play style has always been divisive, yet he has stuck around as a character that gets a lot of play. He is another character who got some big buffs with the season 3 update. His Eye of the Allfather tracking ability now immediately tells players how many targets have been pinged. The movement bonus gained from his ultimate has been slightly increased, while the animation time has been cut by 30%.

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B Tier 

Wattson - Wattson is another divisive defensive character. Added in season 2, she had a unique skill set that allowed her to hold positions and set up defenses. This play style is situational and can be effective late game, but she is an inconsistent pick. Season 3 hasn't done much to change this, but as players learn the new map there is a chance she can become a more relevant character again.

Octane - Octane is quick, has a self heal, and would be a great character if Apex Legends was a solo game. But this is a team based shooter and in terms of having abilities that help out teammates and sync up with others, Octane lacks in the areas where the A and S tier characters shine.

Pathfinder - Friendly robot Pathfinder was a character that players have gradually abandoned since launch. His grappling abilities still make him a fun, dynamic character to play, but he's not the most viable teammate. He was slightly tweaked for season 3 but remains in the middle of the pack.

Mirage - Mirage is a cocky one of a kind trickster character that has plenty of unique abilities. However, at this point in the meta his decoy and cloaking abilities have been seen so much by competitive players that he is simply becoming less viable. When he launched Mirage was brilliant, but as players learned his tricks he has become less effective.

C Tier

Caustic - Consistently ranked the worst of all the characters in Apex Legends, Caustic shows no signs of getting any better this season. His slow, trap-heavy style is not working in the current meta, especially with the rise of Crypto. Bloodhound has a similar play style and has proven to be more effective and more popular.

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Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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