Apex Legends Season 3 May Have New Battle Royale Map

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With the third season of Apex Legends right around the corner, starting October 1 in fact, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the battle royale game is getting a new map. Fans are putting together clues from recent announcements and trailers to hypothesize a new planet and setting for a brand new Apex map coming next season.

Last week, Respawn unveiled new character Crypto and announced season 3 of Apex Legends, titled Meltdown, is coming October 1. Digging into the latest character trailer, as well as some other season 2 information, fans are speculating that the next setting for the game could be a planet called Psamathe.

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Psamathe is a planet in the established shared universe between Titanfall and Apex. The planet was first mentioned in an official blog post reading "Images of the disaster (in Kings Canyon) have been splashed across holoscreens from Solace to Psamathe."

Looking at the promotional image of legend Lifeline climbing an ice wall with a blizzard and lava in the background has led fans to believe Psamathe is a planet of fire and ice and the location of Meltdown. Most importantly, the announcement of Crypto has brought another clue to light.

A post on the official Apex Legends Twitter shared a letter written by Crypto to his mother. "I took down the Repulsor tower," the cryptic message reads. "I had no idea it would be so insane. I'm hoping the damage was enough to close Kings Canyon, so I can hitch a ride on the dropship off Solace and find the evidence I need somewhere in New Dawn."

This part alone is leading fans to believe that Kings Canyon is no more and it will be replaced by Psamathe. This would fit into Apex Legends' commitment to its lore, but might anger some players who prefer the original map.

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Now of course a couple known details about season 3 contradicts these rumors. The implications of the title Meltdown and some leaked material from earlier in the month suggest that this will instead come in the form of changes to Kings Canyon. Respawn is known for changing the Kings Canyon map for events so what we might see is a major overhaul to the currently existing map.

Perhaps this means Psamathe is coming in season 4, or maybe even as a mid-season event. Adding a new map, or replacing one entirely, in the middle of the season is an unprecedented move, but Respawn is in a great position to make Apex standout by taking risks and raising questions. Either way, season 3 is not far off now so Apex players will find out one way or another on October 1.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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