Apex Legends Season 3 Full Map Revealed

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In the Apex Legends Season 3 gameplay trailer, fans got to see a bit of gameplay on the brand new World's End map, but today thanks to a new media event, fans were given an opportunity to see the entire Season 3 map.

Several YouTubers were given early access to the game's new seasonal content, meaning that excited fans got a sneak peak at what new content is coming with tomorrow's update.

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The new World's End map in Apex Legends is all about exploring different environments while still fighting to be the Apex Champion. In the new map image, players get to see each of the new named locations that players will get to fight in. There are 15 main named locations on the new map: Skyhook, Refinery, The Epicenter, Capitol City, Overlook, The Train Yard, Drill Site, Lava Fissure, The Geyser, Fuel Depot, Thermal Station, The Tree, Sorting Factory, The Dome, and Lava City.

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As players progress around the map, they will notice that certain areas are covered in lava, while others are coated in ice. There is also a train that travels around the entire map, and players can see the train tracks on the map below.

In Season 3, World's End seems to be the only map players will play on while King's Canyon is repaired following the destruction of the Repulsor. The new season brings a brand new battle pass, a new season of Ranked Leagues, and even a new Apex Legends character Crypto. As part of the YouTube videos released today, fans got to see some of Crypto in action. He has a drone that can fly around the map and scan enemies, locations, and even destroy traps with Crypto's ultimate ability.

The trails contained several hints at new Apex Legends content that fans may have missed. From the new Charge Rifle weapon to possible hints at a Mirage-themed town takeover, the trailers are jam-packed with subtle hints at what fans can expect this season in Apex Legends. If Respawn has learned anything from the past two seasons, Season 3 is sure to be the best one yet.

Some of the Apex Legends Season 3 Battle Pass rewards leaked ahead of Season 3's official reveal, but no details have been confirmed yet. Respawn is planning on releasing a full breakdown of patch notes and Battle Pass details before the update goes live on October 1. Until then, fans will just have to wait in eager anticipation and watch the new YouTube gameplay videos until tomorrow's update goes live.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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