Apex Legends Season 3 Date Revealed Alongside New Character Crypto

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The time of hints and teases is over. EA and Respawn Entertainment have finally set an official premiere date for Season 3 of Apex Legends, following weeks of speculation, rumors, and leaks. According to EA, the next season of Apex Legends, titled Meltdown, will kick off on October 1.

Plenty of new content will be added to the first-person battle royale shooter on that day, but perhaps the biggest addition will be that of the next playable Legend, the hacker known as Crypto. His addition has been teased for all of Season 2, culminating in an in-game appearance by Crypto in Apex Legends itself this week. Now Respawn is making it official, releasing a new story-heavy trailer today that explains where he fits in the game’s lore.

As for how he'll play, Respawn is currently keeping the details sparse, but thanks to recent leaks players should have a good idea of how Crypto's abilities will work. At the core of his playstyle are the surveillance drones that can be summoned through his Tactical ability. These will be able to remotely hack doors, loot bins, and pick up the banners of fallen teammates, allowing players to cover plenty of ground without overextending themselves. Additionally, the drones will enable a team to detect everything within 30 meters and unleash an EMP blast through Crypto's Passive and Ultimate abilities, respectively.

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Besides Crypto, the other major Season 3 addition will be a brand new weapon called the Charge Rifle. Just like with Crypto, Respawn is keeping things mum for the time being, saying simply that this "obliterating directed-energy weapon" will enable players to carve their way across Kings Canyon. The Charge Rifle is far from the only new item coming next month, as there will be a brand new Battle Pass for Apex Legends Season 3 complete with over 100 exclusive items including Legendary skins.

Season 3 will also mark the start of a new series for Ranked gameplay, and here Respawn was willing to go into details. In an in-depth post, the studio detailed the various ways Apex Legends Ranked Series 2 will build upon what worked in Series 1. Most notably, the scoring system in Ranked play will be updated to allow for players to earn more points for landing kills and ranking high, and now players will be able to build up their score multiplier with assists as well as kills.

In addition, all players will see their Ranks reset down a maximum of 1.5 tiers when Series 2 begins, meaning everyone, even the prestigious Apex Predators, will be able to climb through the ranks anew when Series 2 starts.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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