Apex Legends Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards Leaked

The content of Apex Legends’ next Battle Pass has made its way online ahead of the game’s upcoming third season. Data-miners have gotten their hands on a list of items they say were hidden away in its files, and have since been sharing them for all to see.

This is far from the first leak regarding Respawn’s battle-royale shooter in recent times. Just last week, word came out about files that suggested Apex Legends is getting a PvE mode. For the most part, though, the studio has managed to keep a lid on the exact contents of Season 3. But the new leak potentially changes that, offering what could be the first look at the exclusive rewards players will be able to earn through the Battle Pass.

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According to That1MiningGuy, a prominent source of Apex Legends leaks, Season 3 will be called Fire and Ice and its Battle Pass will include:

  • Character skins for Octane and Caustic
  • Weapon skins for R301 (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Spitfire (Legendary, reactive)
  • Weapon skins for Alternator (Legendary, reactive)
  • Legendary Apex Pack
  • Epic Apex Pack
  • 2,550 Crafting Metals

Furthermore, it appears that unlocking the full Battle Pass with a $24.99 purchase will grant players additional rewards in the form of 25 unlocked Battle Pass tiers, an exclusive Legendary skin for the Spitfire, and an exclusive character skin.

Beyond these, however, the leak offers no further clues as to what new content will be added to Apex Legends. As such, how “fire and ice” could affect the game, its map, or its character roster during Season 3 is up for speculation. With all of the new Apex Legends characters data-miners have been uncovering, there’s plenty to speculate about.

Of course, given its nature as a leak, it’s possible that none of this is legit, or if it is, it may very well be altered or removed altogether before any official release. That1MiningGuy did note that the leaked game files were originally in Spanish, so there’s a chance of at least some of this information being incorrect due to translation errors. But with most people guessing that Season 3 will begin in October, there’s a good chance players won’t have to wait long to find out the truth.

Apex Legends is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Dexerto

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