Apex Legends Season 3: Every New Battle Pass Skin

apex legends season 3 crypto

Apex Legends season 3 has officially launched, bringing with it a ton of new additions for the newest Battle Pass, and players will also be able to check out the new character Crypto and the new map, World's Edge. In other words, players will be dropping into a brand new atmosphere, fighting alongside or against Crypto, and playing a brand new meta.

Speaking of the meta, season 3 is making a ton of changes to the way some items work. The Apex Legends Season 3 meta changes include nerfs to the Longbow, buffs to Shotguns, a better optic for the L-Star, and two new hop-ups: The Anvil Receiver and the Double Tap. The former is for the R-301 and Flatline, increasing damage in semi-auto mods at the cost of two ammo per shot, and the latter allows the G7 Scout and Eva-8 to fire two shots in rapid succession. In exchange, though, Disrupter Rounds and Skullpiercer have been removed.

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Perhaps the biggest change in Apex Legends season 3 is to the Gold Body Shield and Gold Backpack. The body shield now lets players use healing items faster, while the Backpack now sees players revive a teammate at 50 shields and 70 health. For many, though, the biggest drive point for these changes will be doing them in style, so here's every new character skin for the Apex Legends season 3 Battle Pass.

Tier 1 Starter Skin - Mirage (Fired Up)

apex season 3 mirage

Tier 1 Starter Skin - Bloodhound (Arctic Hunter)

tier 1 bloodhoun arctic hunter

Tier 1 Starter Skin - Octane (Glacial Pace)

season 3 octane

Tier 25 - Pathfinder (Iced Up)

season 3 pathfinder

Tier 37 - Octane (Freezer Burn)

tier 1 caustic freeze burn

Tier 53 - Lifeline (From the Ashes)

season 3 lifeline apex

Despite every addition to this Battle Pass, such as the Weapon Charms and the new sky dive emotes, nothing sells like a skin. Apex Legends season 3 boasts new challenges, XP boosts, Apex Packs, Crafting Metals, more Apex Coins, and new legendary items in the Battle Pass, with 6 brand new skins (2 legendary). Time till tell if many consider this new Battle Pass skins as an improvement over a significant improvement over Apex Legends Season 2.

Apex Legends season 3 players will hopefully enjoy everything the game has to offer, with many likely looking forward to getting their hand on the new Apex Legends Charge Rifle. Season 2 was an improvement over the original in many ways, so hopefully, season 3 will continue this trend. For now, it seems like its going in the right direction.

Apex Legends Season 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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