Apex Legends Season 2 Launch Trailer Destroys Map, Shows New Character

apex legends season 2 launch trailer king's canyon wattson

Apex Legends Season 2 start date is less than a week away and over the past couple weeks, Respawn has been slowly changing King's Canyon in preparation for some much larger changes coming when the season starts. From Leviathans slowly approaching the island to a secret laptop appearing near Repulsor, it's clear that something major was going to happen to King's Canyon. Today, Repawn officially unveiled the launch trailer for Season 2, which confirmed the fate of the iconic battle royale map.

The launch trailer is a fully animated cinematic starring several of the iconic Apex Legends heroes. While it starts off just being a fun cinematic, things change pretty quickly when a mysterious new character detonates an EMP at Repulsor, bringing down the iconic tower that keeps the monsters at bay. While this new character is currently a mystery, some clues have begun surfacing regarding this mysterious figure. His laptop was found in the game before the trailer went live, and many believe that this character will be a new hero dubbed "Crypto" which may also launch this season. Recently in the game, the dormant tower started back up, which caused the Leviathans and Flyers to leave the arena, but now the cinematic shows that the tower is destroyed and the monsters are running wild due to this new character.

A new leaked Apex Legends trailer showcased some of the aftermath of the EMP, and it certainly took a toll on King's Canyon. Several locations are completely different due to the recent invasion of the Leviathans and other creatures. Repulsor lies in ruins, and several low-lying areas have been destroyed and flooded due to the incursion. The burnt-out Shattered Forest is now fresh with life, and several new structures have been built throughout the map to completely change up what players are used to with the map.

The new Apex Legends hero Wattson seems to play a big role in the overall narrative of this season. It seems like she will be opposing whoever is out trying to destroy King's Canyon. While Wattson will be available with the start of the season, there is currently no confirmation about this new character. Hopefully as the season unfolds, Respawn will give players more information about this mysterious character.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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