Apex Legends Trick Lets You Reload Faster

Every second counts in Respawn Entertainment's wildly popular battle royale title Apex Legends. In a firefight, these seconds can be the difference between life and death, and there are ways to use these seconds wisely. Swapping weapons instead of reloading is one, as well as knowing when to pop an ability, but reloading is generally considered a no-no. It takes too long and opens the player to attack, but there is a trick in Apex Legends to speed up this process.

Apex players can reduce the full reload animation to a slightly shorter one if they reload while there is at least one bullet left in the magazine. The final movement of the animation, loading the bullet into the chamber, will not happen if players do not let the gun run out of ammo. This method can be hard to perfect, as doing so in the midst of a firefight could be difficult, but adapting this skill could save precious seconds.

For those with great coordination, it may be worth learning how to reserve one bullet. The Apex Legends trick will work with more rounds, but it is most efficient when getting nearly a full clip out and quickly reloading another full clip. This is more difficult, of course, but also the most effective method for this trick, as it will allow players to surprise their enemies with more rounds than could usually be expected.

Notably, this trick comes with two exceptions: it will not work with either the Wingman or the new Havoc energy rifle. It's uncertain as to why, but considering the Wingman's role in the meta and the Havoc's newfound popularity, it's not too surprising. This trick will reportedly work with every other gun in the game, however.

Hopefully, players can use this method to up their game and become champions in Apex Legends all the quicker. Combine this trick with whichever of the 8 playable characters players are best with, and this may very well go a long way.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Dexerto

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