Is Apex Legends Adding a PvE Mode in Season 3?

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Respawn Entertainment appears to be working on a new PvE mode for Apex Legends. Dataminers have reportedly uncovered an extensive cache of files within Apex Legends pointing towards just that. The PvE mode offers a range of mission-based challenges, as well as a range of new enemy types. Each of these enemy types is tagged with the prefix "PVE." This PvE mode could potentially arrive with the launch of Apex Legends Season 3.

Dataminer That1MiningGuy provided a video going through the datamined files, discussing what they found and what they believe the files mean. The files show that there are around 10 different missions listed. The missions each have a title, for example, "Free-Range Monsters," "Infestation," "The Mist," "Moving Castle," and "Town Attack." Then each mission has 1 or several "Tasks" associated with it. These tasks reference Titanfall and Apex Legends concepts like Goliaths, Harvesters, and Repulsor Towers.

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These tasks are also broken down in more specific detail in other parts of the datamine. Objectives are explained in more detail. For example, one mission is described as "Hijack a Transport to Find the Vault." The code afterward describes how players will acquire a Hovertank and then use it to "Disrupt Reavers," "Disable Turrets," and, "Weaken Titans." In other words, it's a single-player mission. Players will be moving throughout a structured level completing objectives based on a simple story.

At first glance, it may seem like these leaked lines of script could just as easily be indicative of a new Titanfall game. However, you can confidently assume Respawn's plans are for Apex Legends. There are instances where the code references a location and these locations come from the King's Canyon map. That said, there are absolutely references to Titanfall. The Titans just being one example. There are also references to wallrunning and other Titanfall details.

The final question to ask is when Respawn would be likely to drop this PvE mode into Apex Legends. And there's unfortunately not enough information available to say definitively. That1MiningGuy believes that there's enough information available to assume that the PvE mode is planned for Season 3. He thinks Respawn could release the missions once per week or in waves. But it's just as possible that PvE won't be ready for some time, or that it will be released in a different way. Nevertheless, exciting things are happening in Apex Legends' future.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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