Apex Legends Leaks New Character Prophet


Apex Legends has been a smash hit for Respawn and EA so far, but the game is just getting started. In March, Respawn plans to launch the game's first season, and it has teased future content updates, including new maps, characters, and more. While Respawn itself hasn't offered much in the way of specifics for new characters, leaks have potentially revealed what new characters are in the works, including one named Prophet.

According to a datamine by GamingINTEL, Prophet will have an ability called Precog, presumed to be short for Precognition. We can't tell for sure what the Precognition ability will do, but it seems likely that it will give players some sort of advantage by giving them future knowledge. Possibilities include knowing where the final circle will be before everyone else, or perhaps getting an advanced indication of where supply drops are going to land.

Of course, this is just speculation at this time, and it's possible that Precog could be something completely different. It's also possible that Prophet won't even make it into the final product. After all, Respawn has yet to officially confirm any of the new characters that have been discovered by datamine leaks, and it's possible that balancing issues will keep some of them from making their debuts.


Besides Prophet, at least two other characters have been leaked for Apex Legends. One is Octane, who is expected to release for the game at some point in March. Octane will reportedly have a Stimpak ability that is expected to give him stat boosting abilities. Wattson is the other leaked character, and while dataminers are less certain about his release date, they have found evidence that he will have an electric trap, so he may play similarly to Caustic.

As for when Respawn will officially announce any of these leaked characters, that remains to be seen. It's possible that Respawn will start pulling the curtain back on them when Season 1 starts next March, but it's unclear how far along they are in development. Apex Legends fans will just have to stay tuned for more information.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GamingINTEL

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