Apex Legends: New Character Octane's Abilities Leak

apex legends new character octane leak

Those closely following Apex Legends news may recall a recent datamine revealing two upcoming characters by the names of Octane and Wattson. While the leak is as-yet-unconfirmed, it appears another leak is adding further credence to the likelihood of a new Legend by the name of Octane. According to a leaker that goes by the name Voeno on Reddit, they were able to find Octane via the game's "source code" leading to accusations that the leak has been faked. Nevertheless, the leaker posted an image of Octane as well as their listed abilities.

Octane himself is given the title of "High Speed Daredevil," which complements his high maneuverability and self-sustaining abilities. According to the image, Octane's passive will be "Swift Mend" which restores health over time while they're not taking damage. His Tactical ability is "Adrenaline Junkie" which makes him move 30% faster over 6 seconds and costs 10% health. Finally, Octane's Ultimate ability is a deployable launch pad that both they and their teammates can use.

As for Octane themselves, the blurry image doesn't offer too much information with regards to fine detail. But as for a general description, Octane is skinny and tall, and seems to have mechanical legs. They wear goggles, a mask, and a vest that appears to inject a substance into their body via several neon green tubes. That must explain Octane's name, as well as how they're able to travel so fast using their Tactical ability.

apex legends octane image leak

According to earlier leaks, Octane isn't planned for release until late March or early April. That means that official confirmation as to the character's existence from Respawn Entertainment may or may not be arriving for some time yet. And with Respawn still supposedly working on a battle pass system for Apex Legends, the company may be rescheduling its plans as necessary mid-development. After all, with all of the leaks up to this point, why wouldn't Respawn just announce Octane already unless things were changing behind the scenes?

The other takeaway to consider is just how fake these leaks come across. The images themselves, including the character design, seems believable. But to say the character was pulled from the game's source code and that this content is already in the game weeks ahead of a rumored launch, is very fishy. With several leaks backing Octane's existence, it's hard to deny the likelihood that they're a Legend in the works, however. Perhaps the leak's source is simply fibbing about where they got the images to protect their identity.

Expect more information on future Apex Legends content, including new Legends, new skins, and the battle pass in the weeks to come.

Apex Legends is available now on PC,  PS4, and Xbox One.

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