Apex Legends: Next Character Crypto's Abilities Leaked

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The Iron Crown Collection event is now underway, but Apex Legends fans aren't exactly happy with it. While the Apex solo mode is fun, the Gauntlet map change is solid, and the challenges are skill-testing, the predatory microtransactions are incredibly obnoxious. The skins associated with the event could only first be randomly won through Event packs, which Respawn changed by announcing a store rotation where they could be purchased directly for roughly $18. One good thing to come from the event, though, is a leak of Crypto's abilities.

For the uninitiated, Crypto has long been teased as the next playable legend to appear in Apex Legends. He briefly appeared in the season 2 trailer, where he was partly responsible for the destruction of the Kings Canyon map, and has been teased by Respawn on social media as well. Because of his role in the aforementioned trailer, many believed that he would have some type of EMP/hacking ability, to which this latest leak affirms.

Crypto is described as the "Surveillance Expert" in gaming files found by That1MiningGuy, with the majority of Crypto's files falling suit with standard legend files. Compared to other potential character releases, Crypto is the "most complete," which also reveals his passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities, which are dubbed Neuro Link, Aerial Drone, and Weapon Drone EMP, respectively.

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Crypto's Abilities

Neuro Link (Passive) — Crypto and squadmates can see everything the drone detects up to 30 meters away.

Aerial Drone (Tactical) — Summons a surveillance camera drone that can hack doors, loot bins, and pick up squadmate banners. It has a 200-meter range, lasts for 40 seconds, and can be destroyed.

Weapon Drone EMP (Ultimate) — Fires an EMP blast from the drone that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables all traps.

Based on the above abilities, it seems as if Crypto will fall into the same class as Bloodhound, finally adding another tracker into the game. It also appears that Crypto will be an excellent counter to Caustics and Wattsons, whenever he releases in Apex Legends. Some believe that Respawn will add him before the end of season 2, but every day that passes means he's more likely to be a season 3 launch character.

Speaking of Bloodhound, Apex Legends finally added another heirloom set, the Raven's Bite, for the tracker. To obtain it through the direct method associated with the event, however, will set back players at least $170, putting it out of reach of many.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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