Apex Legends Update Adds Fun New Feature

apex legends new feature youre welcome

Apex Legends has finally added a response to satisfy proper etiquette lovers everywhere. Players will now have the ability to say, "You're welcome."

There are several features on Apex Legends that make the game unique; like the sliding mechanic or how players can holster weapons to run faster. One of the more iconic aspects of the game is that teammates can mark items to assist their squad without having to use their microphones. Once the item is acquired, players have the option to thank their squadmates for the assistance.

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Respawn Entertainment was flooded with requests from fans after an article in February appeared on Kotaku begging for the game to add a response. Many fans of the game wanted to acknowledge the thankful emote the way every morally hellbent parent taught. Players wanted to say, "You're welcome!"

Most gamers have resorted to responding vocally over their headset, but as a UC Riverside study has concluded half of the population of gamers don't use their microphones. Online gaming can be a toxic place for gamers, but it also limits players when people aren't willing to communicate. Several players will even quit a game if they're unable to communicate with their squad.

apex legends youre welcome feature

Apex Legends is one of the first battle royale games to add any form of non-verbal responses to help with players who either decide to not use a mic or are unable to due to lack of equipment. The pinging feature has been a godsend for PC players whose teammates are in different countries and don't speak the same language.

A few fans of Apex Legends took to Reddit users have taken to hilariously suggesting that Respawn should add a, "No, thank you!" response as well. The addition may not be as exciting to some players, but the feature isn't for everyone. Senior Game Designer, Carlos Pineda agreed that the patch wasn't anything game-changing, but he was pleased with the results.

The tweet on Wednesday announced the simple patch update and received a small wave of appreciation from polite fans everywhere. It's rare for big title game developers to show interest in how the fans would like the game to work.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game out now and available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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