Apex Legends: 10 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

Apex Legends is a great battle royale game that had a rough start but with some developer love is starting to come into its own. Players are dropped into brutal battle royale combat using whatever gear they can find and handy character specific abilities to take down foes.

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While a veteran can win with practically any weapon in the game there are some guns that consistently rise to the top in terms of how deadly they are, even in the hands of a novice.

10 Devotion

This LMG has all the makings of one of the most powerful weapons in the game with its astounding 15 rounds per second fire rate and hefty 44 round magazine. Coupled with energy ammo this thing will cut through armored foes like butter and unarmored opponents will turn into a fine mist.

But it has a significant downside that drags it down the list in terms of power. Before the player can pump their enemies full of rounds it needs to spool up first. This means that unless you’re the one firing first that delay can get you killed.

9 Wingman

Fans absolutely love this weapon and it’s often used as a brutal headshot killer or to punch holes in the enemy’s armor. The Wingman is easily the strongest pistol in the game and can take down almost anyone with a couple of well placed shots.

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Its main disadvantage is that it loses effectiveness at long ranges and it’s agonizing to reload. Because of the abysmal reload time you better hope those six shots did the trick or be prepared to switch to another weapon.

8 G7 Scout

The G7 Scout lacks the punch needed for a good sniper rifle, but it can hold its own as a longer range assault rifle. It has a high magazine and a solid fire rate that allows you to overcome it’s low damage by simply pumping more rounds into the enemy.

Often this is combined with other weapons as most players will use it to whittle down an enemy at long range before switching to something a little stronger when they reach mid-range. Still it does wonders in the beginning of the round.

7 R-301

The R-301 really shines as an adaptable and solid weapon all around. It does decent damage, has minimal recoil and the 18 round magazine will make reloads a little less painful. It also has the advantage of being a mid to long range gun so you’re enemies will be a little softer before they close one you in mid range.

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This is a solid mid game weapon that will struggle a little towards the end but can hold its own with the right attachments if you can’t find something better.

6 R-99

Hands down one of the best SMGs in the game, the R-99 is deadly in close quarters combat and can be dangerous at short range. With its awesome fire rate and decent damage your opponents will feel the pain if they get too close.

It struggles if you’re up against a mid-range fighter, but with some clever attachments it can pass as an assault rifle. You’ll definitely want something with better range if you want to survive the endgame, but this weapon will hold its own for quite a while.

5 Peacekeeper

The second best shotgun in the game this sucker will rock unarmored foes and with a few shots strip armored foes of their defenses. Like any shotgun it’s entirely situational and you’ll be forced to blitz the enemy at mid range to do any decent damage.

But with the right character and some clever ambush strategies you can easily shred enemies as they round the corner or fall for bait. It’s a good weapon in anyone’s hands, but devious players will really shine with the ironically named Peacekeeper.

4 Longbow DMR

The recent updates have been kind to this weapon and it’s quickly becoming a popular mid range gun. The Lonbow DMR packs some serious damage and is a little easier to handle then it was in earlier in the year.

It still doesn’t have great rate of fire, but with carefully placed shots you’ll find that it wont matter as much. With some good attachments it can double as a sniper rifle while remaining a serious threat at mid range. Your main concern will be fighting in close quarters so consider having a good SMG or shotgun for more intimate fights.

3 3.Havoc

A fan favorite with some interesting skins, the Havoc is a beastly weapon when it comes to fighting armored players. With a quick charge this weapon will punch holes in even the best armor with its high damage and energy ammo.

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It does suffer a little from the charge-up that’s required to fire but hitting a player will quickly erase any annoyance you may have suffered while waiting. It’s best reserved for the end game when opponents are better equipped and you’ve built up your energy ammo stores.

2 Kraber

Easily the best sniper rifle in the game, the Kraber is a thing of legend when dropping players from long distances. In fact many players in the end game dart from cover to cover under the fear that someone out there is eyeballing them through the scope of this powerful weapon.

Unfortunately, it is only obtainable through a supply drop so you’ll go most of the game without it. It also has depressing ammo storage with the player only able to carry a total of 12 bullets at a time. But when you’re in the endgame with only a handful of other players those 12 rounds should be more than enough to secure a win.

1 Mastiff

Whoever coined the phrase ‘the best things come in small packages’ has never taken the Mastiff into battle. You’ll giggle with delight when you find this powerful shotgun in a supply drop as it’ll make the fact that your enemies wear armor an irrelevant detail. In fact, all it takes is one well placed shot to drop a level three armored player.

It is a shotgun so you wont have any advantages in mid to long range combat, but you’ll shred opponents in close quarters and your foes will squeal in fear when you fire this thing down a hallway or blast them as they round a corner. If a player can get their hands on this and the Kraber, they have little excuse for losing.

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