New Apex Legends Cosmetic Costs $170 Worth of Microtransactions

apex legends iron crown microtransactions

Earlier this week, the Iron Crown Collection Event began in Apex Legends, and with it came an Apex Legends solo mode and a bevy of new cosmetic items to acquire. More specifically, there are 24 Epic and Legendary items for players to unlock during the Iron Crown Collection Event, and there is also a new Heirloom item, the Raven's Bite, that many will want to get their hands on. However, players have now discovered that earning this new Heirloom axe may indeed come with quite significant cost.

In order to obtain the Raven's Bite in Apex Legends, players will first need to unlock the 24 aforementioned Epic and Legendary cosmetics that are part of the Iron Crown Collection Event. This is done by opening Iron Crown Collection Packs, which are essentially loot boxes that are tied to the new event, and one pack costs approximately $7 in the game's virtual currency, Apex Coins. While players can earn two Iron Crown Collection Packs by completing challenges, the other 22 will need to be purchased with Coins at a total cost of $154.

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Fortunately, players are guaranteed a full collection of these cosmetics within their first 24 Iron Crown Collection Packs, meaning that they will not receive duplicate items. However, $154 is still a sizable sum to many, and there are even further costs associated with unlocking the Apex Legends Raven's Bite. Namely, once players have acquired all of the Epic and Legendary cosmetics, they will need to spend 3,500 coins, approximately $35, to get the Raven's Bite.

This puts a price tag of around $190 on the Raven's Bite, but this can be brought down slightly by purchasing Coins in bulk. Specifically, a player can buy three packs of Coins, one for $100, one for $60, and one for $10, and have enough to add Apex Legends' newest Heirloom axe skin to their collections.

apex legends iron crown microtransactions

Indeed, spending $170 is certainly preferable to be spending $190, but this is still hefty amount in Apex Legends microtransactions. For some, this cost will simply put the Apex Legends Iron Crown Heirloom axe out of reach, and these players will instead need to plan to obtain the Raven's Bite after it enters the regular loot pool at the event's conclusion. However, if the Raven's Bite ultimately appears at the same rate as the other Apex Legends Heirloom item, such an approach might be easier said than done.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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