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Apex Legends is yet to be officially revealed, though Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall battle royale game has now been confirmed via social media. Leaks started last week after media and influencers were flown to a special hands-on Apex Legends event, claiming that the free-to-play game would be announced and released today, February 4. The leaks have continued since, as it appears that a screenshot of Apex Legends' map has now found its way online.

Apex Legends is just hours away from being revealed via a livestream on the newly launched PlayApex Twitch channel, airing at 12:00 pm PST. Viewers can already tune in and see a mix of in-game camera shots and short action-packed teases every several minutes. For those excited for new Apex Legends information before then, this map should offer a look at what's to come.

Locations on the leaked map seem thematically appropriate, as Satellite Dish, Artillery, and Water Treatment sound like locations that could have pulled directly from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode. However, there's something more to the map than meets the eye. In the upper right corner, next to Tank Base, there appear to be living dinosaurs. Nevermind the Skull Town location that features the skeleton of what could be a tyrannosaurus rex. Keep in mind that the Titanfall games do feature some rather monstrous dinosaur-like creatures in them.

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Much remains to be said and shown from Apex Legends gameplay, but the game looks like it's going to have a high amount of verticality to its Titanfall-inspired gameplay. The map shows a number of layers to the earth spread throughout it, but particularly in the Cascades and Bridges areas, as well in the more mountainous areas between the named regions. Given Titanfall's variety of movement options including booster jets, grappling hooks, wall running and climbing, verticality may not be surprising, but it's still exciting to see represented in Apex Legends' map.

Finally, it has to be made clear that this is a rumored leak and not official in the slightest. There's certainly some questionable details on this map, particularly with regards to how blocky certain areas are and the discoloration between different regions. In some ways, it looks pieced together rather than being a finished product. Perhaps the map is from a beta version of the game, or perhaps it's entirely false. With Apex Legends' reveal (and perhaps launch) just hours away, prospective players won't have long to wait in order to find out the truth.

Apex Legends is rumored to be a free-to-play battle royale FPS releasing as soon as today for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Nibel – Twitter

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