Apex Legends: How Legendary Gear and Weapons Work

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In Apex Legends, loot is the difference between life and death. The game's tagline reads, "If they kill you, they're better. If you kill them, you're better," but it could just as easily read, "If they kill you, they've got better loot. If you kill them, you've got better loot." But having loot is just the first step. Knowing how that loot works is the larger priority, and in Apex Legends gold Legendary loot is both the strongest and most important to understand.

In Apex Legends, Legendary Gear offers the same benefits of an Epic version of the Gear, but also provides the player a unique ability depending on the Gear type. These unique abilities can decide fights, potentially even deciding who wins or loses games.

Legendary Gear

There are four Legendary Gear pieces and their priority really depends on playstyle and Legend choice.

  • Legendary Backpack - Fast Heal: Healing items take half as long to use.
  • Legendary Body Shield - Executioner: Finishers fully regenerate shield.
  • Legendary Helmet - Fast Charge: Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time.
  • Legendary Knockdown Shield - Resurrection: Can self-resurrect once. Ability consumed upon use.

Each piece of Legendary Gear has its advantages but also has to be approached tactically. A Legendary Knockdown Shield's Resurrection can literally save your game, but going down in a place where your squad can't protect you while you Resurrect won't be useful. Trying to take advantage of Fast Heal in a firefight could make you vulnerable. And a full shield after a finisher with Executioner is only valuable if you get the chance to use it.

Legendary Weapons and Attachments

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Legendary Weapons and Legendary Attachments are entirely different than Legendary Gear. With Legendary Gear there's no real reason not to pick up the upgrade and utilize it to the best of your ability. But with weapons, preference plays a much larger role in deciding what to use and what to leave behind.

Legendary weapons come in two forms. There are Legendary standard weapons and then there are two Legendary exclusive weapons. Legendary standard weapons are just the normal weapons typically found on Apex Legends' map, only with all of their Attachment slots filled with pre-selected "best" attachments. Not all attachments will necessarily be to a player's liking, and neither will the weapons. Finding a gold Legendary standard weapon early on can make a huge difference, but mid-to-late game players should stick with their favorites so long as it's kitted out.

Legendary exclusive weapons are different altogether. These two weapons are either Legendary or they don't exist, making them considerably rare. Given their rarity, these Legendary weapons are already equipped with permanent attachments. They also won't accept any other weapon's ammo. Players will only be able to use the limited ammo included with the weapon and will then have to switch out for another gun. Currently, only two exclusively Legendary weapons exist in the game:

  • Mastiff Shotgun
  • Kraber .50-Cal Sniper w/ 6x-10x Variable Optic

Both weapons can 1-shot an enemy without armor and two-shot an enemy no matter what armor they're wearing.

As with Legendary standard weapons, exclusively Legendary weapons aren't necessarily something every player will want to pick up all the time. Both weapons are obviously strong, but a Sniper and Shotgun are probably the two most situational weapon-types in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, both the Mastiff and Kraber only drop from Supply Drops and so they won't be available early game when picking them up would be the obvious choice. Players will have to try them out for themselves, so as to better decide whether to switch to them as the match progresses.

As for Legendary Attachments, there are four to find. There are two Optics, the 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat and the 1x Digital Threat, a Barrel Stabilizer, and a Hop-Up  Turbocharger for the Devotion LMG. Bot the Barrel and the Hop-Up are instant pick-ups if you need them. The Optics are definitely useful, especially when dealing with enemies that use smoke or stealth given their Threat Highlighting ability, but every player has their own Optic preferences so only switch if you're comfortable with the differences.

Where to Find the Best Loot in Apex Legends

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Loot in Apex Legends is randomized, so there's never going to be a specific place where a specific item is found. But there are areas with the best possible loot. Both the hovering Supply Ship and the randomized Hot Zone, characterized by a blue colored circle on the map, will have the best loot. They both also have a strong chance of having a Legendary standard weapon available. Of course, they're both certain to be highly contested drop areas, so take care.

Beyond the Supply Ship and the Hot Zone, the Apex Legends map's named areas are split into three tiers of loot -- high, mid, and low tiers. For the most part, high-tear loot areas rim the island while the center areas are mid and low-tier. Artillery, Swamps, Water Treatment, and Airbase are all reliable for great loot and potential Legendary gear, but for the most part, it's not as big of a deal where you drop so long as you get a weapon and start winning early fights.

Prioritizing fights once you've got a decent kit and some supplies will be the best opportunity for better gear after early game. While watching for other players, there are other things to look for along the way. There are Supply Drops, marked by blue circles with transparent centers, and in-game Apex Pack ticks (punch to open), which make an odd mechanical churning sound and often hide in buildings. Both tend to drop exceptional loot, with Supply Drops being the only way to get the Mastiff and Kraber Legendary weapons.

Finding Legendary loot, even if you know how to use it, only goes so far if you can't survive. Playing Apex Legends and getting experience with all of the battle royale's unique and exciting gameplay mechanics is the best way to both survive and thrive. Good Luck, Legends.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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