Ever since Apex Legends launched, fans have been looking for clues as to who the game’s next playable Legend will be. One rumor making the rounds is that Titanfall 2 hero Jack Cooper will be added to the game as a playable Legend, but unfortunately for Titanfall 2 fans, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence actually supporting the claim.

The rumor appears to stem from a Reddit post by user mnkymnk, who created a concept for Cooper as a character in Apex Legends. The concept is fairly detailed, showing Cooper on the character select screen and even detailing his abilities. According to mnkymnk’s concept, Cooper would have a the ability to double jump and wall run, as well as use a stimpak that would up his speed and regenerate some of his health.

This fan-made concept for Jack Cooper is all that exists of him when it comes to Apex Legends, however. No datamining efforts have found a trace of Cooper in the game’s files, though dataminers have actually managed to find evidence for other new characters that will likely be added to the game in future updates.

I made a concept for Jack cooper as an Apex-Legend. from titanfall

The leaked character Octane seems like they will be the first post-launch character for Apex Legends. Multiple pieces of art for Octane’s character model have leaked online, as have their abilities, which include a launchpad Ultimate that should give them greatly increased mobility compared to the other playable legends.

Besides Octane, a couple of other Legends have been found in the Apex Legends game files as well. These include Wattson, who will apparently specialize in electric traps, and Prophet, who appears to have some kind of future-sight ability called “Precog.” Before Apex Legends fans get too excited about these new characters, though, we should stress that it’s entirely possible they will be scrapped before ever actually making it into the game itself.

As for when new characters will come to Apex Legends, that remains to be seen. The game is expected to kick off its first season later this month, but Respawn has yet to provide a specific date for the season start or when the battle pass will go on sale. It would make sense for Respawn to kick off the first season of Apex Legends with a new character to build up as much hype as possible, but if not, perhaps fans will at least get their first look at the game’s next playable character within the next few weeks.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.