Apex Legends: How to Play Wraith

apex legends wraith

Apex Legends stands apart from other battle royale games thanks to its hero-shooter elements, which add a bit more strategy to the proceedings than there would be otherwise. Each character brings their own special abilities to the table, and are best used in specific situations or played a certain way. This is true for Wraith, the popular offense character whose abilities make her particularly deadly when it comes to close-quarters combat.

Since Wraith's abilities pretty much all cater to close-quarters combat, we recommend players stick to shotguns (except for the Mozambique), as well as light ammo machineguns, set to automatic fire. By using her Into the Void ability, Wraith can easily get close to enemies, take a few shots, and then escape to safety. This may also confuse enemy players, distracting them and giving Wraith's teammates the opportunity to get in some decent shots from afar.

Wraith's Ultimate Ability, the Dimensional Rift, is also very useful for close-quarters combat situations. Players can use the Dimensional Rift portal to teleport themselves and their teammates behind an entire squad of enemies, giving them a significant combat advantage. And just as is the case with Into the Void, Wraith's Dimensional Rift can also be used to escape in a tight situation.

Especially skilled Wraith players can use her Dimensional Rift in clever ways. Since enemies can use the portals, it's possible to bait enemy players into a room filled with Caustic's gas traps, for example. Alternatively, enemies may be tricked into an area with Wraith's teammates lying in wait.

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Wraith's Passive Ability, Voices from the Void, is extremely helpful as well, but there are steps players may want to take if they're struggling to use it effectively. Essentially, Voices from the Void can give Wraith clues about nearby enemies and dangers, but it's sometimes hard to hear the voices when just playing with normal audio. For this reason, we recommend Apex Legends players switch on subtitles to make using Voices from the Void a bit easier.

Like any of the characters in Apex Legends, becoming skilled with Wraith is going to take some practice. However, if players stick to close-quarters combat weapons like shotguns and light machineguns, as well as use her abilities to strike and flee instead of trying to fight from afar, then they should see an improvement in their performance.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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