10 Apex Legends Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

Apex Legends is one of the latest battle royale games to bring us exciting victories, crushing defeats, ziplines, portals, smoke bombs and of course a bunch of memes. While many players have seen Mozambique memes flooding the internet, there are actually a whole lot more than just those mocking the game's worst weapon.

The Apex Legends Memes account on Twitter brings together a collection of the very best and funniest Apex content that the internet has to offer and we've been through the list to find our favorites. Here are the 10 most hilarious Apex Legends memes that only true fans will understand.

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10 Yes But No

via u/ uregonnagetit

When Apex Legend's released its very first battle pass fans were delighted until they actually saw it. We were expecting great things, like new weapons, skins and other amazing things like emotes or voice quips.

Instead, we got stat trackers and badges, lots and lots of badges.

Luckily Respawn has learned some lessons from the disastrous first season but that disappointment we felt when we first laid our eyes on the "rewards" from season one will never truly vanish.

9 Stairs Exist

via u/ toaster55s

Now we all know that stairs exist in Apex Legends but honestly where's the fun in using them? If you need to go up to the top of a building then, of course, you need them but coming down? There's no fall damage and thus no consequences for launching yourself off the top of buildings. Why wouldn't you do it?

If I'm given a choice of walking down the stairs in a very dull manner or flinging myself from a great height and trying to time my landing then I'm going for the second option, every single time.

8 Too Much Responsibility

via u/ Jasper-2001

Being the jumpmaster requires making choices. Do you try and quickly drop somewhere you know will be crowded in the hope of better loot or take the more leisurely option? If you want to avoid the crowds, where will be best to pick up something that isn't a Mozambique? What if you land make a terrible call and land in a place devoid of useful items?

There are so many options that sometimes the best thing to do is take the easiest one and pass the buck to the next poor sucker in line. Sorry No0bZtarr45 but it's your problem now.

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7 Grenades Are Useful Right?

via u/ brim_dunkleton

Once you've got rid of that pesky jumpmaster title and someone else has made all the decisions, the next step is the fight for loot. If you're someone, like me, takes a couple of seconds to become familiar with their surroundings, you'll likely find that the good loot is already in your teammate's hands.

If you're playing with friends this becomes less of an issue but with random squads, you better hope there's a gun hidden somewhere or that 2-second delay will mean you're facing a stealthy Wraith with a grenade and a level 1 helmet.

6 When You Can Only Find Good Attachments

via u/ mooseaura

We've all been here. You've dropped into a safe zone, run into the first building and all you see is a whole range of attachments. Usually, they are pretty good attachments as well, if only you had a gun to put them on. For some reason, the matching weapon is often very difficult to find.

This phenomenon also extends to finding 500 rounds of light ammo when you need heavy ammo or

discovering 3 helmets when you need a shield.

5 We Need Those Shinies

via u/itsthatmicky

Lifeline's loot drop comes with a warning, visible to everyone. This makes it incredibly tempting to chase, especially if your own loot is less than desirable.

The drop pods are stuffed with shinies but even if you don't get there (or can't fight well enough) to snag some epic items, there's still a good chance you can grab some discarded weapons from the surrounding area. Just watch out for the Mozambiques.

4 The Best Moment

via u/ swordofflamesHave you ever experienced the horror of seeing a kill master with an insanely high level of kills under their belt? That sinking feeling of going up against a truly great player is absolutely terrifying. Unless of course, someone takes them out.

The announcement of a new kill leader in such circumstances is one of the most joyous moments in Apex Legends. If the 900 kill legend can't make it then just maybe there's hope for us lesser beings.

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3 I won

via u/CH33KCL4PP3R

Confession time. This guy is me. I love playing Apex Legends but I'm very, very bad at it. If I ever get matched in your squad I apologize in advance. I mostly play Lifeline because I'm better at throwing out heals than raining down bullets and this kill count is usually accurate.

While I've managed to get my damage dealt into triple figures, I can't even get my kill count towards doubles. Surely I can't be the only one? Luckily I now have all the advice I need to style out my failure.

2 The Bad Old Days

via u/ donut32_

Thankfully this meme is now out of date, thanks to Respawn finally adding the ability to invite members of your previous squad to play with you in the next round. While the system isn't perfect it's much better than having to hastily scrawl a player's ID onto a piece of paper so you could attempt to find them again.

We'll carry memories of these times forever as we think about those who we loved but never saw again.

1 Mozambique Memes Are For Life

via u/ thejan11

It wouldn't be an Apex Legends meme list without a Mozambique meme. The problem is there are so many to chose from that selecting just one is virtually impossible. The Mozambique meme has become a classic on the internet and there are some truly great ways to use the game's most disregarded gun for meme-based hilarity.

In honor of all the great Mozambique memes I could find I present this one, which I've decided sums up my feelings towards images of the weapon we all love to hate.

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