Apex Legends: How to Unlock Heirloom Cosmetics

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Apex Legends is rich with unlockable cosmetic items, an array of character skins, weapon skins, banner flourishes, quips, and more. Cosmetics can be acquired through randomized loot box Apex Packs, a rotating premium shop for specific cosmetics, or via an in-game currency called Crafting Metals. No matter the rarity, whether it's Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary, all cosmetics are within a player's reach. Except for Heirloom items, that is.

Heirloom items are exceedingly rare in Apex Legends and intentionally so. There's currently only a single Heirloom set featured in the game, a knife skin, banner pose, and intro quip for the Legend Wraith. It can only be earned as a full set and it can only be earned in one specific way that's heavily randomized. This beyond-Legendary tier of cosmetics isn't meant to be pursued so much as intended as a cool reward for dedication to Apex Legends (or to cash in on those willing to overspend). But the Heirloom's quality and rarity will no doubt draw players in regardless.

There's only one way to unlock an Heirloom set and that's by opening Apex Packs. With every Apex Pack a player opens, there's less than a 1% chance that an Heirloom set will appear. The Heirloom set won't be one of the items within the Apex Pack, but rather a bonus reward. Odds of acquiring the Heirloom set will not increase by opening more Apex Packs, but there is "bad luck protection" that ensures one for every 500 Apex Packs opened.

For those who haven't played Apex Legends, 500 Apex Packs is more than any player can earn naturally in the current system. Players currently can't even earn 50 Apex Packs. Free Apex Packs are granted intermittently as the player levels, with a maximum of 45 Packs earned between Player Level 1 and 100. More free Apex Packs can potentially be earned later as Respawn Entertainment adds Battle Passes, changes Apex Legends' seasons, or fleshes out its microtransaction system, but most players will likely never even reach level 100.

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The only guaranteed way to earn the Heirloom set is to pay real money for Apex Packs. A single Apex Pack microtransaction costs 100 Apex Coins, meaning 500 Apex Packs could cost up to $500. Players can get special deals on Apex Coins by spending larger sums of money - for example spending $100 for 11,500 Apex Coins - but the best rates would still result in at least $430 for 500 Apex Packs. Needless to say, anyone with Heirloom cosmetics either has a lot of money to throw around or some amazing luck.

Keep in mind that Heirloom items and sets are intended to be a very rare and cool thing both to see and earn. Unlockable Legends can be acquired with ease as Legend Tokens are earned relatively quickly, with both Caustic and Mirage possible to obtain before hitting level 50. Skins are more of a struggle and are dependent on Apex Pack luck to earn Crafting Metals. Some players may reach level 100 and find they still can't afford a Legendary Skin, while others may have enough for two or three.

In summary, the best way to earn Apex Legends' Heirloom items is by paying a lot of money. To earn Heirloom items without paying any cash, focus on leveling and earning Apex Packs. Even the first Pack a player opens could result in Wraith's Heirloom pack, or other Heirlooms in the future. And while it's true that reaching level 100 means no more free Apex Packs, know that Respawn is likely to introduce more opportunities in the near future.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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