Apex Legends: 10 Little-Known Facts About The Protector, Gibraltar

Apex Legends is a naturally violent game, as it focuses on first-person shooting gameplay in which you're trying to actively eliminate other squads of players. Many of the legends come from backgrounds that provide the skills that are helpful in this type of arena. Gibraltar is one of the characters whose life before the Apex Games seems counter-productive to competing in them. He's a rescue volunteer who saves and protects people. Let's look at 10 little-known facts about Apex Legends' gentle giant of a protector, Gibraltar.

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10 Feels Like Home

Many of the other participants of the Apex Games hail from other planets around The Outlands as well as others much farther away. For Gibraltar, the competition happens to take place on the planet he calls home. He hails from Solace, which is the home to both Solace City and the location of the Apex Games, King's Canyon. Being familiar with Solace likely gives Gibraltar a natural advantage, as he is familiar with the terrain of the planet as well as its distinct wildlife and fauna.

9 The Voice

Branscombe Richmond is a lesser-known actor who was often the villain in many of people's favorite '80s movies. Gibraltar isn't only his most prominent role in the video game space, it's likely the most popular role he's played as one of the good guys. Richmond was talented enough to oppose '80s movie stars in films such as Commando, Action Jackson, and Hard to Kill. Despite being Native American, he did a great job of bringing that island flavor to everyone's favorite teddy bear of a protector.

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8 Unaffected

A drawback of firing in shooting games is that it often hinders your movement speed. For Gibraltar this isn't an issue, as he is immune to slow effects due to weapon fire. This was a change that happened after the release of the game, as players complained that bigger legends like Caustic and Gibraltar were already at a movement disadvantage so it didn't make sense to limit them even more. It turns out that when you're a big boy, it does come with some pretty impressive advantages.

7 Real Name

Gibraltar, unlike many of the other legends competing in the Apex Games, goes by his last name. It isn't a code name referring to his personality or line of profession, but rather his surname. His full name is Makoa Gibraltar, which adds to the idea that he is either of Polynesian, Hawaiian or Maorian descent. Forums online have gone back and forth on what his pronunciation of certain words means in terms of his cultural ancestry. His first name is that of an ethnic group hailing from the island of Madagascar.

6 Taking Less Damage

Passives in multiplayer games are often overlooked by the general player base, but a glance at them can reveal some important information in regards to the characters you're facing and the ones you'll be playing as. Gibraltar's passive reduces all damage he receives by an impressive 15%. Knowing this comes in handy because if you're playing him, you know he's naturally more resilient, whereas if you're hunting him down, you understand that he's going to require more effort to take down in a firefight.

5 Why He Competes

Imagine having a friend so caring that they're willing to join a deadly competition simply to help protect you. That's exactly why Gibraltar decided to compete in the Apex Games. He simply wanted to be able to protect those he cares about and given he has a bit of a chaotic and reckless side, he gets a bonus adrenaline rush. Gibraltar has and always will be a protector, but who will protect him when he can't protect himself?

4 Big Boy

There's a trope in entertainment about the gentle giant character. Though he's willing to scrap if he needs to, it seems that Gibraltar falls right into that category. He stands at an impressive 6' 4" and weighing over 250 pounds. As mentioned, Gibraltar's either of Polynesian, Hawaiian, or Maorian descent. Respawn Entertainment has never clarified his exact cultural heritage, but it's possibly intentionally vague to make each of those cultures feel represented. They are each known for producing men and woman of extraordinary statures and builds.

3 It Runs In The Family

With many positive and negative traits that people carry into their adulthood, they're often learned behaviors from the people who raised them. For Gibraltar, it should come as no surprise that both of his parents rescued those in danger. They happened to be volunteers for SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace), which has helped provide aide in The Outlands. Their kindness, generosity and willingness to help lead to the type of human being Gibraltar is to this day.

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2 Representation

When people think about representation in entertainment, the assumption is that it has to be done in an obvious and over-the-top manner. This isn't true at all, and most of the time it's the subtle inclusions that matter the most, because they showcase that who or what you are is normal despite what parts of society might say. Gibraltar is not only a legend in the Apex Games, but he's a gay man. This detail about him wasn't overtly revealed, but rather was unveiled when his backstory about his injury mentioned he was driving somewhere with his boyfriend.

1 Why He Serves

Gibraltar wasn't always the poster child for protection and safety. He was always kind-hearted, but it wasn't until a car crash involving him and his boyfriend changed his life forever. After the wreck, the two of them became trapped under a mudslide. His parents came to his rescue and saved both him and his boyfriend. Unfortunately, his father lost his arm during the rescue mission. Ever since that day, Gibraltar promised to help protect and save those in need above all else.

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