Apex Legends: 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Still Needs

With the addition of the lavish, diverse landscapes that comprise the new World's Edge map, the cool new Legend known as Crypto, and some rotating challenges and game modes, Apex Legends is looking stronger than ever.

Yet, while this FPS had burst onto the gaming scene as an instant hit, thanks to its well-crafted and entertaining Battle Royale gameplay, it's still not without its flaws and quirks. Even after a handful of patches, tweaks, and additions from Respawn Entertainment, there are still some touch-ups and changes that could further benefit Apex in terms of its features, limitations, and overall Quality of Life.

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With this list, we'll touch on 10 of these key areas that could use fixes, additions, or tweaks in one way or another.

10 Overpowered Zone Outside Ring In Later Rounds

Being a game heavily centered around BR-style gameplay, Apex Legends needs a means of coaxing players to scramble away from the "out of bounds" region and eventually clash with opponents in a closed-in arena. Still, the area outside the ring in Apex tends to accelerate in damage dealt by quite a bit as the game progresses.

Given that the first round only shaves off tiny bits of damage (2-per-tick, to be specific), it can be somewhat jarring to find yourself well outside the ring and having to make a mad dash to safety while your health melts away at a rapid pace. In fact, just by round 4, the outside zone eats away your health at a whopping 20-per-tick. This can often lead to an anticlimactic which could have been prevented.

Dialing back the damage dealt, even a bit, could give the player more of an opportunity to escape or flank in the later rounds and add a fun new dynamic to fights rather than acting as a near-instadeath late in the game.

9 Better Sliding/Crouching Mechanics

Considering how much the sliding mechanic is used and often exploited by players to run quicker and escape enemy fire, you'd think it'd be a little more refined and well-implemented.

Perhaps the biggest glaring issue with the slide feature is that it shares a button with the crouch. Of course, these actions can be isolated depending on whether or not the player is running. Yet in the heat of battle, it can be easy to flub this, leading to an accidental crouch when trying to take off. Allocating the crouch to a separate button (or pressing 2 together) would fix this.

Furthermore, the game could use some sort of a prone ability, offering players a third option when scrambling to dodge enemy fire or seeking cover, rather than just sprinting or crouching.

8 Multiple Maps To Choose At Once

Season 3's inclusion of a brand new map, called World's Edge, is certainly a welcomed one. Still, is it too much to ask to enable users to pick between this map and the game's original stage, Kings Canyon? Maybe even adding a third, smaller map designed for less-populated skirmishes?

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At the very least, how about the option to choose different conditions within a given map or two - much like the Halloween Fight or Fright event, which featured a more ominous, darkly-tinged Kings Canyon with some altered conditions? Luckily, there have been talks that this original stage could be reintroduced along with World's Edge at some point during season 3.

7 Cross-Play And Transfering Data

While there have been talks from developers Respawn Entertainment about the likely eventual inclusion of cross-play and the ability to transfer your unlocks between platforms, we've still yet to see it come to fruition. This is a bummer considering Apex has lost quite a few players since its initial massive hype during its February 2019 release.

Opening the online gameplay up to allow for connectivity across multiple platforms would instantly make for far more populated servers. It would also give players yet another reason to opt for Apex over the BR staple Fortnite, which does come with cross-play functionality.

6 Legend Upgrades

With the recent announcement of Overwatch 2 and its inclusion of permanent in-game upgrades for players, we can't help but think of the exciting potential such an addition could bring to Apex Legends. Of course, there is the issue with BR-style games typically needing to have all players start at "ground level" so-to-speak, and enhance themselves during the course of a match.

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Still, this could be alleviated by offering a separate mode that allows for permanently upgraded players to duke it out and show off their hard-earned enhancements. Meanwhile, the original "start from scratch" battle royale mode could still be featured to those who seek a more balanced fight. It would just be nice to earn some permanent unlocks that extend beyond aesthetic and auditory flair.

5 Better Means of Training

Don't get us wrong, we greatly appreciate the far more fleshed-out and open-ended version of a training mode, the Firing Range. This allows you and your squad to play as any Legend you'd like while toying with all of the weapons, Hop-Ups, and other in-game items provided to test out and hone your skills.

Still, it would be nice to have some sort of real single-player inclusion; perhaps a story mission that could pit you against actual AI foes, rather than just tossing you some target boards and dummies. You could maybe even be given objectives or missions to help you get more acquainted with the strategic gameplay, while getting you more used to the array of weapons in a more fun, dynamic way.

4 Larger Squads

Sure, we've had the timed-events of solo fights and Duos, which allow you and one other friend to take on opponents together. Though an option to play in larger squads would certainly make for a less rigid and more well-rounded FPS experience.

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It doesn't necessarily have to be Counter-Strike-level in terms of its scope or detail, but something more akin to larger team battles could add an interesting new dynamic to the gameplay. Perhaps instead of limiting each team to 1 of each Legend - 2, or even 3 could be permitted on a single team.

3 PvE Mode

Given that season 2 brought us sort of a PvE teaser with the addition of AI monsters that can be gunned down for loot, you'd think we're not far from sort of game mode which could pit players against AI foes. This would not only help newer players to delve into this unforgiving battle royale, but it would offer another way for experienced vets to enjoy the game rather than falling back on the same BR mode, with a couple of timed-event variances tossed in.

The game could play like a survival mode on a larger scale, granting a victory to the player who survives the hordes of monsters the longest.

2 Overpowered Knockdown Shields

One aggravating element of Apex is the potency and overall size of the Knockdown Shields. Of course, it's nice to have that extra layer of protection once you've been taken down.

But it can be similarly frustrating to have to spend quite a bit of time and effort to melt through both the health and shield of a moving target, only to also have to finish the job by destroying their durable Knockdown Shield. All-too-often, you'll be firing several shots into their reeling opponent just to get between them and their shield, only to have their squadmate swoop in and take you out before you can finish the job.

1 Better Legend Balancing

Although Respawn has gone pretty far in honing and tweaking various Legends to offer a more equal playing field, there is still some work to be done on this front. The hitboxes of beefier heroes like Caustic and Gibraltar have been dialed back a touch to better adhere to their body shapes (and Gibraltar's shield has been improved too), though they're still a fair bit larger than, say, Octane.

And ultimately, while characters like Bangalore and Gibraltar have been significantly improved, there are still a few that sit a fair distance from the rest of the pack in effectiveness - notably Caustic, Mirage, and Wattson. Basically, there's a reason most still tend to clamor for the likes of Wraith and Lifeline, despite the adjustments and changing meta.

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