5 Apex Legends Fan Theories That Could Be True (& 5 We Hope Aren’t)

The lore of Apex Legends is a strangely wonderful thing. The setting is all there, given that it's obviously set within the Titanfall universe. But apart from the background and history of that universe being pretty well established, the greater majority of the rest is a refreshingly open canvas that is absolutely begging for player agency, fan theory and investigation.

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From its Legends' mysterious origin stories to the nature of the Apex Games themselves, Respawn's light-handed approach to doling out expository bits of lore has yielded no shortage of wildly cool and enticingly plausible fan theories. But, as is often the case, it's doled out just as many that are either major bummers, or totally ridiculous.

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10 COULD BE TRUE: Blisk Uses The Apex Games To Find New Mercs

It's more than heavily implied that the man running the Apex Games is none other than Kuben Blisk, the hard-as-nails captain of the Apex Predators mercenaries from the Titanfall universe. Given that he seems to make a habit of losing men in droves, this theory makes perfect sense.

What better way to replenish your numbers with the best of the best than to have all of the candidates fight it out, and proceed to hire the surviving squad? It seems like a perfect scheme to restock his company's human resources with fresh and deadly combatants.

9 HOPE IT ISN'T: The Apex Games Are A Simulation

The title says it all, really. This is a theory very likely to pop up within the fandom of any universe that has the technology to support it, and it gains a bit of a following within Apex Legends because simulations are routinely used for training purposes in the Titanfall universe - particularly in the training of pilots.

Though there are enough dots to connect to make this one more than plausible, the "it's all virtual reality" cliche renders the events of the game fairly pointless. And, facing facts, it's just a bit lame. Relegating the whole of the Apex Games to a simulation is roughly as creative and compelling as the old "it was all a dream" shtick.

8 COULD BE TRUE: Wraith Is An Experimental Pilot

This one's easy to dismiss at first, but it has made the rounds within Apex's reddit community often enough to gain some real traction, as well as a surprising amount of evidence.

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The regeneration process that pilots undergo would neatly explain her memory loss. She also wears a pilot emblem on her suit, and her powers seem to fall along the lines of the expected results from IMC experimentation. All of that barely even scratches the surface, so it might be safe to say that this one skews more towards likely than it doesn't.

7 HOPE IT ISN'T: Season 3 Will Introduce Poisonous Spiders

Datamined leaks have become part and parcel to the gaming industry, with diligent players picking through as of yet unused textures, models, and more to get an idea of what might be coming to their favorite title. Apex Legends has seen its fair share on this front, with its leaked roster of heroes proving pretty accurate thus far.

One particularly popular leak via twitter suggests that gigantic toxic spiders may be on the way to King's Canyon. Beyond the leaked audio files sounding vaguely like noises an overgrown spider would make, the file name itself labels it as spider-related. Map events are fun and all, but imagine losing a match due to an unfortunate spider encounter.

6 COULD BE TRUE: Bloodhound Was In An Elite Military Unit

When it comes to the identity and background of the mysterious Bloodhound, there are a lot of individual threads, but very little tying them all together into a cohesive idea. One studious redditor in the Apex Legends community, however, has taken it upon themselves to puzzle out a concept from what little there is to go on.

Bloodhound's reference to "felagi fighters who put have their lives ahead of (their) own" indicate he belonged to a military squadron at some point. Upon close inspection, there also appears to be some sort of unit insignia subtly featured on Bloodhound's special skin from Wild Hunt. This would seem to indicate service in one organized military entity or another.

5 HOPE IT ISN'T: Caustic Has A Terminal Disease

Caustic has spent an awful lot of time researching and developing the deadly chemicals that he employs against the competition during the Apex Games. Given that it was his primary area of scientific expertise before faking his death to become a Legend, it's possible all of that exposure has had a lasting and dire impact on his health.

After all, he does seem to have an awful time getting that cough under control. As likely as it is, it's always a bummer to see a character face such circumstances. Besides, if they've managed to afflict him with some sort of disease, what's that say about the squadmates that have been exposed to his dangerous chemical concoctions?

4 COULD BE TRUE: Pathfinder And Wattson Are Connected

Though this one hinges more directly on game mechanics than it does on the existing lore, it puts together an incredibly interesting connection that may not be obvious at first. But once looked at in context, it makes a suspicious amount of sense.

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Wattson and her father are responsible for the ring's existence, having designed it to begin with. Pathfinder's design allows him to interact with the ring's Survey Beacons. Given that Pathfinder was obviously built to interact with the ring's technology, his original creator having something to do with Wattson or her father makes a great deal of sense.

3 HOPE IT ISN'T: Cooper Will Become A Playable Legend

This one's been around roughly as long as the game's been out, with fans hungry for even more Titanfall lore to be sprinkled into Apex Legends. And it's plausible. After all, Blisk did leave Cooper his calling card after sparing him during the events of Titanfall 2.

However, it feels like adding an actual Pilot into the Apex Games would detract from the experience. Getting to see more of the Titanfall universe through the eyes of Apex's varied cast is a part of the charm. And with Pilots being ridiculously skilled, almost unbeatable combatants, the balancing required would raise some questions.

2 COULD BE TRUE: Crypto Will Be Season 3's New Legend

The idea of Crypto being a possible legend has been in circulation since Apex's massive roster leak some time ago, but his proper introduction into the game's lore for Season Two seems to push this theory quite a bit closer towards confirmation.

Other possibilities do remain, especially considering the antagonistic role he seems to be taking. Though that doesn't remotely preclude him from being a selection on the character roster going in Apex's third season, it's possible that he'll remain an outside force that affects the changes and updates to the King's Canyon map.

1 HOPE IT ISN'T: Bloodhound's Tracking Abilities Are Magical

Bloodhound's identity and background are shrouded in mystery, spawning no shortage of speculation. However, the idea that their tracking abilities are actually mystical in nature has likely failed to gain traction for several reasons.

While Apex's characters each have their own wild capabilities or powers, they all have some sort of reasonable explanation apart from "it's just magic." Wraith's phase abilities are the result of experimentation, and Octane has robotic legs and chemical stimulants. Bloodhound's tracking abilities boiling down to a cop-out explanation just wouldn't make sense.

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