New Apex Legends Skydiving Emotes Leak

apex legends skydive emote season 2 launch trailer

Skydive emotes are a new addition to Apex Legends with Season 2, and each character has one exclusive dive emote that is unlocked with the Season 2 Battle Pass. However, a couple of new videos have started circling around showing off two new dive emotes that are not available in-game, one for Mirage and one for Gibraltar. These new emotes may have been added in alongside the Wraith Voidwalker event currently going on, but at the time of writing there is no way to currently obtain these emotes.

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One video clip surfaced on the Apex Legends subreddit by user Pastrie82, who showcased a bizarre new Mirage dive emote. When Pastrie82's friend tried to go to use Mirage's standard dive emote, it instead brought up a new menu which allowed them to select his "Rodeo" emote as well. In the clip, Mirage hops on the back of one of his decoys and rides it like a bull. The dive itself is hilarious and very fitting for Mirage's goofy character. The Gibraltar one is no less cool, as it shows him surfing through the air on his arm shield.

At the time of writing, it seems that this bug is random and only happens on PC, though it's hard to say what is causing the new emotes to pop up. As there is no way to currently obtain them in-game, some fans speculate that they will be a part of the upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event launching next month. The Halloween event is going to be another collection event like the Iron Crown event, but Respawn has stated that they are changing how they approach these events following the overwhelming backlash from the Iron Crown event.

Fans were extremely upset with the Iron Crown event due to its hefty price tag to get all the exclusive items from the event. To obtain the Bloodhound heirloom item during the event, players would have had to spend nearly $200 to get every skin and then unlock the heirloom. While Respawn has said that they have taken the feedback to heart when designing the next collection event, they have yet to post details - though they did say that they would be discussing it a bit closer to the Halloween event. Hopefully, the new event will not require players to spend hundreds of dollars to unlock everything, but only time will tell.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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