Apex Legends: Interesting Facts About the Legends

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Apex Legends is a unique game, combining the battle royale genre with hero-shooter elements, drawing many comparisons to Blizzard's Overwatch in the process. And just like Overwatch, much of the lore in Apex Legends isn't really found in-game, but through other sources.

While Apex Legends doesn't really have much in the way of comic books or animated shorts at the time of this writing, EA has uploaded bios for each character that give fans a little more insight into what everyone is about. After combing through these biographies, we selected the most interesting fact about each playable character in Apex Legends.

1. Bangalore is An IMC Soldier

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Despite the lack of titans and wallrunning, Apex Legends is in fact set in the Titanfall universe, taking place 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2. And it appears the war between the IMC and the Frontier Militia from the Titanfall games is still raging, with Bangalore (real name Anita Williams) serving as a soldier for the IMC side. In Apex Legends, Bangalore was on a mission in the Outlands when her squad was ambushed, forcing her to fight in the Apex Games to raise enough money to get herself home.

2. Bloodhound Was Originally Designed for Titanfall

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Bloodhound, whose real name is unknown, is the tracker character in Apex Legends, able to track enemy footprints and find those hiding around them. Bloodhound is one of the more mysterious characters on the Apex Legends roster, and while not much is known about them from a lore standpoint, we do know that Bloodhound was originally designed for the Titanfall series, appearing in the Titanfall 2 concept art book. Considering this, it will be interesting to see if other unused character concepts from the Titanfall franchise find a new lease on life through the Apex Legends roster.

3. Caustic Is A Mad Scientist

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Alexander Nox was once one of the Frontier's best scientists, using his intellect to create a variety of toxic gases. Nox initially made pesticides, but his ambitions grew larger, and he started conducting experiments on living creatures. The specific details of these experiments aren't available, but we do know that they came to an abrupt halt when Nox was confronted by his superiors, and the ensuing battle destroyed his lab, leaving many to presume him dead. However, Nox has continued his toxic gas experiments with the Apex Games participants as his new guinea pigs.

4. Gibraltar Has A Boyfriend

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A common theme in hero-based games is being inclusive by having characters that represent a variety of races and sexualties, including those in the LGBT community. Apex Legends is no different, with its LGBT representative being Makoa Gibraltar, the tank-like defensive hero. According to his biography on the EA website, Gibraltar stole his father's motorcycle and went joyriding with his boyfriend. Unfortunately for Gibraltar, his recklessness ended in tragedy, as he and his boyfriend were trapped in a mudslide. Gibraltar's parents then went into action to try to save them, with his father losing his arm in the process.

5. Lifeline Comes from Wealth

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Lifeline, also known as Ajay Che, is Apex Legends' resident healer character, with some useful abilities including a drone that can restore allies' health and a shield to protect her while she's reviving downed teammates. Lifeline's Ultimate ability also allows her to call in a supply drop, which stands as one of the more useful Ultimates in the game and directly benefits the entire squad. Some Lifeline fans may be interested to know that before she served as a medic in the Apex Games, Lifeline came from a wealthy family, with her parents accumulating their wealth by profiting off the IMC and Frontier Militia. Ashamed of how her parents amassed their fortune, Lifeline uses her profits from the Apex Games to benefit the civilians whose lives have been ruined by the war.

6. Mirage's Brothers Are Missing

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Along with Caustic, Mirage (Elliott Witt) is one of the unlockable characters in Apex Legends. Known for his hologram technology and sense of humor, Mirage's backstory is actually quite tragic. All three of his brothers fought in the Frontier War, but none of them made it home. Mirage appears to have avoided military service himself, and has instead focused his efforts on the Apex Games, and trying to become famous from his performances in them.

7. Pathfinder is Searching for His Creator

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Everyone has a reason for joining the Apex Games, and that includes Apex Legends' only robotic hero, Pathfinder. Pathfinder is a MRVN, which are robots created by Hammond Robotics to serve a variety of purposes. In past Titanfall games, MRVNs can be found completing various tasks all over the multiplayer maps, but Pathfinder has set off on a path of his own. Pathfinder woke up in an abandoned laboratory decades before the events of Apex Legends, and is hoping that participating in the Apex Games will draw the attention of his creator, whoever that may be.

8. Wraith Has A Mental Illness

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In Apex Legends, Wraith is best known for her teleporting abilities and Heirloom kunai knife, which stands as one of the most-coveted items in the game. Fans may also be interested to learn that Wraith has a mental illness, possibly schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations, that landed her in an IMC-ran mental institution. Wraith's unique powers are thanks to experiments that were conducted on her, and some of these facilities are actually located beneath the King's Canyon battle royale map. Unlike many of the other playable Legends, Wraith isn't in the Apex Games for fame or glory, but rather to learn more about her mysterious past, as she remembers nothing about her life before the institution.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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