Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Character Names, Abilities

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Although plenty of players are still trying to find their main in Apex Legends, some are curious to know what new Legends (playable characters) Respawn Entertainment may add in the future. While nothing has been confirmed by Respawn, two new Legends may have been discovered in the game’s files along with some hints at their abilities.

Based on the Apex Legends files, it seems as though the game will be adding a character called Octane and one called Wattson. Both Legends have a series of sound files in the game that correspond to movement across a variety of surfaces like mud, metal, concrete, etc. But both also have some sound files that seemingly correspond to their abilities or ultimates.

For Octane, it sounds as though the new Apex Legends characters’ forte will be speed or boosting. There is a sound file entry for a stimpak, which in most cases is used either to boost healing or to increase movement. Some have even speculated that he might help with Ultimate charge rate, but there is already an Ultimate Accelerant item in the game.

Wattson, as his name cheekily implies, will seemingly specialize in electricity-based abilities. There is a sound file entry for a Tesla Trap in Apex Legends, which sounds like an item that would zap enemies when placed on the ground. However, the Tesla Trap could do something different, like slow enemies, since Caustic already has a damage-dealing trap.

It’s also worth pointing out that both Octane and Wattson have sound files for wallrunning on various surfaces. While Respawn Entertainment has said that wallrunning, double jumps, and even Titans were initially in Apex Legends and then taken out, there is the possibility of it being added as part of a limited time mode according to a recent leak.

Moreover, the fact that wallrun sound files are in the game for Octane and Wattson suggests that they have been attached to the game for a while now and might be ready to go. Presumably, Respawn is just waiting on the perfect opportunity to release more characters and inject more interest into the already very popular game.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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