Apex Legends Team Traps Whole Squad in a Room With Clever Trick

apex legends caustic trap

Although Apex Legends is only a few days old, players of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game are finding clever ways to work within its sandbox. Eventually, metas will develop and the best classes will rise to the top, but for now, players are still having fun discovering what type of silly fun they can get into.

Take Twitch streamer 1cePrime, for example, who was able to trap a whole squad in a room by using one of the character’s tactical ability. It’s something rarely seen in most battle royale games but because of the way Apex Legends is designed, and thanks to the abilities of Caustic, 1cePrime is able to make three of his opponents look silly.

For those that might not be familiar, Caustic is one of the handful of characters available in Apex Legends. Unlocking him does require a 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins but it might be worth the investment given what he is capable of.

By using Caustic’s tactical ability, which puts down a nox gas trap that releases gas when shot or triggered, 1cePrime is able to wedge the doors of the room shut. It takes some time for any players to take the bait but eventually 1cePrime and his team are able to catch a whole squad in a room by using the nox traps like door stops.

Once the squad is trapped, Caustic tosses a gas grenade into the room and the rest of the work is done. It’s more of a mercy elimination since the team would have either been forced to quit out of the game due to embarrassment or wait until the closing zone depletes their health.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty funny situation and one that shows how Apex Legends puts its own twists on the battle royale genre. Thanks to its class-based combat, Apex Legends offers players a variety of ways to approach encounters or weird things to try. Unfortunately, for those three players the creative trap

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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