Apex Legends Bug Lets Players Fly Forever

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While Apex Legends is busy taking the Battle Royale genre by storm, some players are discovering ways to push the popular shooter's boundaries and uncover interesting exploits. Although it was noted in Game Rant's review that Apex Legends benefits from an exceptional amount of polish for a new, free-to-play game, one streamer has stumbled upon an extraordinary bug that seems to allow for unending flight across the game's map.

Popular Twitch streamer Dizzy was descending toward the map in an Apex Legends game when, seemingly by chance, his character was launched further up into the air and could continue gliding from a higher vantage point. After expressing his surprise at the situation, Dizzy continued to perform the stunt several times before deeming the exploit "bug abusing" and landing to commence the match.

The clip was shared on Reddit by Awkward_Bowler, sparking intrigue from players and supposed Apex Legends developers wondering how to trigger the glitch. According to one comment, the bug occurs when the player goes into "Landing Mode" and holds the G key while directing the character's propulsion by moving the mouse up and down. Essentially, the game reads mouse movement as a vertical input and sends them back into the air.

Considering Apex Legends is being recognized for its polish and stability, it isn't likely that developer Respawn will leave this latest bug in the game for long. And while it may be tempting to try out the exploit before time runs out, Apex Legends players considering using the glitch to their advantage should proceed with caution, as developer Respawn just recently banned an insane amount of players for cheating.

While using an exploit to gain an advantage over other players may not be the wisest choice for Apex Legends players looking to keep their accounts, there are plenty of ways to improve one's skills without violating the game's terms and conditions. For instance, Caustic's sometimes infuriating Nox Gas Trap special ability has a somewhat unknown weakness hiding in plain sight.

Apex Legends seemed to explode onto the scene without warning earlier this month, quickly gaining traction in an overly-crowded field of Battle Royale games currently dominated by Fortnite. However, if Apex Legends continues to develop its player base at the rate it is now, it'll eventually overtake Fortnite in terms of player numbers, which is an incredible feat.

Apex Legends is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit

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