Apex Legends: Best Fan-Designed Characters

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Apex Legends season 2 is now well underway, with the battle royale game receiving a new breath of life from the new season 2 Battle Pass items. Many will agree that it is heads and shoulders better than the previous Battle Pass, as it includes some solid new character skins, weapon skins, skydive emotes, and much, much more. Developer Respawn Entertainment recently stated that Season 3, when it eventually comes around, would be even bigger than season 2, but where would be better to start than the ideas of the player base?

Ever since Apex Legends launched, players have been designing their own legends. This is partially due to the simple effectiveness of the battle royale game's legend concept. Each playable legend has a unique design, just a dash of lore, and three abilities: passive, tactical, and ultimate, which allow players to follow this simple model when designing their own characters. And with only 10 legends currently on the roster, it's clear that it will continue to grow from season-to-season, so here are the best fan-made Apex Legends character designs out there that could round out the current roster.

D.U.M.M.I.E, Target Practice

apex legends dummie
  • Passive — Feign Death: DUMMIE can pretend to be downed, acquiring all the conditions of that state
  • Tactical — Copy Cat: DUMMIE can take on the appearance of any other legend (perhaps at random or with certain conditions?)
  • Ultimate — Test Dummie: DUMMIE can use its ultimate while downed to get itself back up, but this ability has a long cooldown.

Redditor JudgeHoltman's DUMMIE concept would be a unique, seemingly balanced, and rather logical addition to the roster as a supporting character. The exact model is seen in Apex Legends training mode, and there is even a DUMMIE or two located in King's Canyon, tying this character well into the game's lore. Moreover, its passive would allow a Copy Cat DUMMIE to get a jump on unknowing targets, shaking up the meta when it comes to thirsting downed opponents.

CHONK, Combat Engineer

apex legends chonk
  • Passive — Scrapper's Eye: Chonk finds extra ammo when looting deathboxes
  • Tactical — Breakdown: Turn any unwanted attachment, weapon, or equipment into scrap
  • Ultimate — Tinker: Consume scrap to raise the rarity of a currently equipped piece of gear or attachment

Although Apex Legends is a game about speed, this approach has been tested and challenged by characters such as season 2 character Wattson who forces enemies to slow down. Chonk seems to build on this concept of a slower Support character but one who can also make the most out of nothing. While Chonk wouldn't bring much to combat, being able to upgrade gear such as a blue shield to a purple shield, a regular light extended mag to a blue light extended mag, or a blue backpack to a purple backpack by also clearing the field of older gear would bring a lot to the table. There is a question of balance here in Redditor TheTrueMaddox's design, but this seems easy enough to fix by adjusting scrap price based on the level of gear.

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WHISPER, Sonar Scout

apex legends symbol
  • Passive — Sh...Shots Fired: Whisper's weapons all have silencers, limiting the noise to about 30% of the sound, so opponents can still hear players in CGC but not at range.
  • Tactical — Hunting Ears: This ability hears any enemy shooting within 100m and will highlight them on the compass. It would only last for roughly 30 seconds before it had to cool down.
  • Ultimate — Noise Bomb: an ability similar to a Caustic grenade but it generates an "unholy amount of noise" instead of gas.

There are two notable things about Redditor's Dabonthebees420 Apex Legends character design. First, this character could go two ways: as a support or a tracker like Bloodhound (especially since he is all alone in his class). Secondly, Whisper's passive and tactical combined would make this legend ideal for sniping, which would shake up the currently mostly CQC-oriented meta of the game.

HEADLINE, Eagle-eyed Reporter

apex legends headline
  • Passive — What A Scoop!: Headline's passive augments her pinging system to reveal the armor type of any enemy in sight, as well as the type of ammo the opponent is using if Headline is close enough.
  • Tactical — Camera Tick: This tactical ability sends out a motorized camera tick that moves in a straight line and is designed to temporarily blind enemies.
  • Ultimate —Exposé: This ultimate surrounds a building with cameras that draw a spotlight on any enemies within a certain radius.

Headline seems to be a well-balanced Apex Legends design, but we would disagree with Redditor The-Goliath that she would fall into the Tracker class, as her abilities are far more versatile, suggesting her role would better suit a Support character. That said, her abilities would be pretty potent in battle, as her ultimate could definitely change up how late-circle games typically work, and the reporter theme would tie in nicely with the fact that matches are part of a competition known as the Apex Games.

SLIPSTREAM, Aerial Combatant

apex legends slipstream
  • Passive — Hooked Gloves: Increase climbing speed and climbing distance
  • Tactical — Wingsuit: Deploy a wingsuit to glide from high areas
  • Ultimate — Weather Balloon: Deploy a ballon that can be used to zipline up and re-activate the jetpack.

Bodhislam's Slipstream would likely find itself between Octane and Pathfinder in terms of moving speed and general mobility, but his abilities would make this an excellent character for skirting the ring. Not only could it use its wingsuit to jump off off hills to get back into the circle, but the Weather Balloon would work like Jump Towers and help deliver all allies to safety. Being in the air would also add a new element to Apex Legends' gameplay, as enemies would always be on the lookout for above enemies, but Slipstream pros could get the drop on many as well.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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