The 10 Best Areas In Apex Legends, Ranked

Apex Legends fans rejoice! Season 3 of this epic battle royale has now arrived! With it comes a brand new hacking Legend named Crypto, along with various tweaks and inclusions. Perhaps the biggest addition this season, though, is the all-new map called Word's Edge. This massive, rich new setting makes Kings Canyon look tame in comparison, with its larger size and its myriad of environments, including lava and iced-scorched regions and a train that chugs across its outskirts.

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Even before this addition, pinpointing the ideal areas to reside in proved no easy feat. Now that we've added another map to the mix, this task has grown even more complicated. That's where we come in. With this list, we'll cover the top-tier areas you'll want to strive for, in terms of snagging the best loot and gaining both offensive and defensive edges in battle. We won't leave the tried-and-true Kings Canyon out of the fun, though, as it's highly possible we'll see a return of this map at some point soon.

10 Swamplands (Kings Canyon)

While this might be a more unorthodox choice, given the open nature of this swampy wilderness, there are a number of benefits to hanging out here. For one, the Swamplands is a unique location in that it contains an ample supply of higher-tiered loot while also being a fairly unpopular destination for most. Even with the relative vulnerability this area invites, there are some shacks you and your team can hide inside, in addition to hiding amongst the cluster of trees and brush.

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If you prefer a safer, more evasive game, this might be an area you want to check out. This is especially the case if your team is using the more nimble and stealthy Legends who thrive on navigation, like Wraith, Pathfinder, or Bloodhound.

9 Overlook (World's Edge)

Similar to our previous entry, Overlook is a somewhat secluded area off to the side of the map, which means it won't typically draw a ton of players - at least initially. Also like the Swamplands, this area contains a fair amount of typically high-tier loot.

While it's off to the east side of the map, Overlook comes with easy access to the train, in addition to being near both the Epicenter and Capitol City; both similarly crucial areas. While it takes a bit longer, it might be a good strategy to land in this region, before either hopping on the train from there or making your way to one of the aforementioned places once you and your squad are well equipped.

8 Water Treatment Plant (Kings Canyon)

While this dull, industrial area isn't much to look at, it can certainly be a smart move to aim for this as a landing spot. There's a nice diversity of buildings - including a tall, silo-esque location that allows you to get around swiftly with the hanging rope in its center. This indoor spot houses plenty of solid, easily-accessible loot, in addition to keeping you somewhat secluded.

There are also a number of supply bins in the outdoor regions, which can land you some top-tier goodies, while the elaborate indoor areas with connecting corridors allow you and your team to move about quite safely.

7 Skyhook (World's Edge)

While this region lies far in the northern area of World's Edge, it's also quickly become known for being a coveted spot, so you'll want to be prepared when landing at this cluster of buildings.

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Yet, it's sought after for a reason - there are a variety of structures to explore and hide inside, including a tall central tower surrounded by valuable goods. This is a hotbed for both firefights and a plethora of rare loot, housed in its many supply bins which number well over 20. If things go south, you and your squad can scamper away on the train, which makes its way to the northern portion of this zone.

6 The Pit (Kings Canyon)

Given the relatively small nature of this underground, secluded region, which sits in the north-west part of Kings Canyon, this is an optimal landing spot for squads looking to make headway early on in a pretty safe manner. You can plummet right into the belly of this area, which swiftly places you in a somewhat small, circular region full of high-end loot. This place is particularly good about offering rare, purple loot scattered around on the ground, rather than forcing you to endlessly search supply bins for goods.

It also contains 3 slim corridors leading out of in various directions, a convenient trait that allows you and your squad to coordinate an escape or offensive with relative ease and security.

5 The Geyser (World's Edge)

This lavish region isn't just a joy to gaze upon - it's also an ideal landing spot, or just a solid rendezvous point for you and your team to regroup. For one, this place provides a nice enclosure, with its natural mountain barriers surrounding much of the area. On top of this, it contains a crucial element in the center: a massive geyser, which you can use to propel yourself skyward similar to the balloons in Kings Canyon.

Basically, Geyser checks most of the key boxes - it's fairly secure, it's rife with great loot, and it makes for relatively swift and resourceful navigation.

4 Supply Ship (Kings Canyon)

Establishing a foothold in this small airborne landing spot can be both dangerous and tricky to pull off successfully. Considering it's a pretty tight space which houses some great loot - especially in the control room area below - it's going to be a popular target from the get-go.

This means you'll likely have to grind out a tough fight to win control of this zone. Once you and your squad does achieve this, though, you'll be able to nab tons of loot while being isolated from most enemy crosshairs. As the ship will be flying most of the time, you can also take advantage of it as a means of quick travel, as it gives you access to various areas on the map of your choosing.

3 Sorting Factory (World's Edge)

Welcome to another hot zone of Apex's new map; an area filled with buildings of all sizes, and, most importantly, an abundance of great loot.

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This massive region contains a whopping 44 supply bins scattered all over the place, making it a fantastic spot to shoot for when delving into World's Edge. Despite the danger of having to probably deal with many opponents at once, the cluster of buildings and large crates scattered about makes for some optimal cover spots.

2 Airbase (Kings Canyon)

Put simply, there's a good reason you'll typically witness heated firefights at these large runways, located in the western region of Kings Canyon. The area has tons of high-end loot, offers a mix of outdoor and indoor areas, and provides a liberal dose of supply bins that can be accessed fairly quickly. One of the crucial traits of this region is its Beacon, which makes player revives quicker and easier than they might usually be.

Thus, even if the fight gets bloody and you lose a team-mate or two, you only have to scramble a short distance to be the hero and revive them. Just watch out for those snipers, as this is one of the more open areas.

1 The Epicenter (World's Edge)

Essentially, this sleek-looking icy ruin lives up to its name. It's a prime focal point for many players. The Epicenter is both a visual marvel and an optimal zone to do some real damage swiftly and effectively. Again, this will typically be crawling with foes, since it sits in the heart of World's Edge. Yet, it's often worth the battle, considering the spoils you can obtain once the dust (or snow in this case) has settled.

Being a small area with loads of great ground loot, you and your team can stock up on some good stuff pretty quickly. Epicenter also provides a firm foundation to mount an effective assault, thanks to its location, which allows you to make your way to the similarly solid Capitol City and gather goodies there too.

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