Apex Legends Battle Pass Details Leak

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Unlike most game announcements these days, Respawn Entertainment took a completely different path when it simultaneously announced then launched its latest game, Apex Legends. The plan clearly paid off as the battle royale title has not only managed to rise to the top of this crowded genre but it continues to outpace all of its competition by hitting new player milestones sooner. Even with all this success, the first month hasn't always been a smooth ride thanks to various issues that have arisen and a constant stream of leaks that continue to plague the shooter.

The latest leak comes from the dataminer RealApexLeaks, who has managed to come across potential details of the season one battle pass. Just like many of its competitors such as Fortnite, players can likely expect to see cosmetic skins unlocked for reaching certain milestones in the battle pass. Currently, players can unlock new skins by earning loot boxes or spending in-game currency to unlock new ones. The files also seem to show that Apex Legends will likely offer two varieties of Battle Pass, a free version to get all players invested and then a paid one known as Diamond Level, which will likely offer more quality content.

The information itself comes from lines of code buried in game files so it's not entirely clear how everything is going to work or how players will advance through it. There appears to be some sort of Battle Pass page that will become available for players as well as a detail box which may provide more information or a better look at each item being offered. Either way, players should take the information with a grain of salt until Respawn Entertainment officially reveals its anticipated battle pass for season 1 of Apex Legends.

Similar to what Call of Duty has been doing with its seasonal pass and new characters like Sparrow and Zero, it's possible that Respawn Entertainment could introduce its latest character to the roster once season 1 begins to help promote the battle pass. Leaks have shown this newest character to be a high-speed, self-healing, and launch pad dropping daredevil style persona known as Octane. Rumors also indicate that this character and potentially the battle pass he's tied to could come as early as sometime this week.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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