Apex Legends Finally Adds Another Heirloom Set

apex legends heirloom set

With the introduction of the Iron Crown Collection event in Apex Legends, developer Respawn Entertainment has seized the moment to add something special to the game: another heirloom set. Many may recall that heirloom sets are the rarest gear in the game, with there only being one for the character Wraith prior to this event. There's less than a 1% chance to get an heirloom set out of an Apex Pack, with Wraith's being a knife, a unique pose, and a unique voice line.

Now, however, there has been a second heirloom set introduced into the game, this one being for Bloodhound. It is tied directly to the aforementioned Apex Legends event and was showcased during the official trailer for it. At the end, as seen below, Bloodhound walks out with a unique hatchet designed to look like a raven, appropriately named Raven's Bite.

Bloodhound's Heirloom set will also come with a unique pose and quip like Wraith, but there is currently one major difference: under the right conditions, players can directly purchase Bloodhound's. To do so, players have to first collect the 24 cosmetic items in the event pack pool. Players can't get duplicates, which helps out a lot, and when that is done, Apex Legends players will be able to preview the set.

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If the Apex Legends player so chooses, the Heirloom set can be purchased for 3,500 Apex Coins, which is the rough equivalent of $35. Many will argue that this is plainly overpriced, as a standard Apex Pack costs 100 Apex Coins, and there are several upset over the microtransactions tied to the event. Still, given the rarity of the cosmetic and the abysmal chances of unlocking an Heirloom set through a random pack, it wouldn't be surprising to see several Bloodhounds with it after the event.

apex legends bloodhound ravens bite

Beyond the cosmetics, the Iron Crown Collection event has also added a pretty rad map change, Octane's Gauntlet, as well as a Solo Mode for Apex Legends. It remains to be seen how this event unfolds, but it seems to be off to a decent start.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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