Apex Legends May Add Big Team Battles

Although Apex Legends is only in its early infancy, players are still curious as to what’s next for the battle royale game. Developer Respawn Entertainment has teased that it has big plans for the game moving forward, but it is file datamines that are seemingly delivering the juiciest details.

One of the latest datamines of Apex Legends has revealed references to modes that would feature squad sizes of 6, 12, and even 24 players. At present, Apex Legends only offers one mode that supports 3-player squads, although the possibility of solos and duos has been teased.

Larger team battles are sure to catch the attention of Apex Legends players that have been looking for greater variety in the battle royale experience. 3-player squads are by no means a bad choice, but it is a unique one. Some players can’t always find two friends to team up with and the matchmaking in the game can be hit or miss.

However, if Apex Legends takes things to a larger scale that could alleviate some of the issues with random teammates. The odds are greater that you might find at least one or two squad mates that synergize with your play style, or who use Legends that support your favorite Legend.

Based on the file names it does seem as though some of these large team game modes might be limited time offerings, not unlike what Fortnite does with its limited time events. Yes, Fortnite’s 50v50 mode can be very chaotic, but it also offers something a little different, and perhaps Apex Legends is looking to replicate that within its framework.

apex legends datamine modes

All that being said, these are just file names in the game and not confirmation that these larger squad modes are actually on the way. They could be holdovers from when Respawn Entertainment was developing Titanfall 3 or modes that the team tested and found did not work.

Coincidentally, there is a file that referencing wall running and one that references jump kits, even though neither of those trademark Titanfall movement options is available in Apex Legends. According to Respawn, wall running and double jumping created an unpredictability in the gun fights and the team chose to move away from that. But while the features are not in Apex Legends currently, they could make for a fun twist in a limited time mode.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gaming Intel

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