Valve Reveals Aperture Science Panels Investment Video

Portal 2 Valve Releases Apperture Science Panels Video

Now that Portal 2's first TV Spot is getting air time, Valve's advertising push for the upcoming puzzle shooter is in full swing.

Today we're being given a first look at Aperture Science as a corporation - which provides solutions for its clients - which, subsequently, improves their testing capabilities.

When we discussed our first impressions of Portal 2 based on what we saw at PAX East this year, we mentioned that the video we were shown also featured the disembodied voice of Aperture Science's CEO and founder, Cave Johnson. His PA announcements hinted at even stranger things going on at Aperture Science than the brutal portal tests that Chell had to originally pass.

Today, Valve released a promotional video for Aperture Science's panel system which should help educate you on why it's a good fit for your testing environment. This is Cave Johnson's first debut to the masses and if he doesn't sell you on panels (and crushers!) we don't know who will.

In his own words, regular test chambers might be good enough for science, but not Aperture Science.


Valve's latest mascots, the two robots from the co-op campaign in Portal 2, make a return in this video and clearly demonstrate that nothing goes wrong when Aperture Science is involved. After seeing this video it is abundantly clear that every workplace needs crushers - and panels are definitely worth taking a look into as well.

This video is the first of four investment opportunities to be revealed by Aperture Science in partnership with Valve. The other three will be revealed along the way to Portal 2's official launch and will no doubt bring us more "practical" looks at the tech powering the incredible Aperture Science facility.

Valve President Gabe Newell also issued a statement with regards to the fictitious company and the upcoming release of Portal 2.

"Portal 2 is the best documentary-style investment opportunity game we've ever contributed to and we're confident that savvy investors will immediately see the value in these product demonstration videos."

Are you going to invest in panels (and crushers!) for your business or do you just want to see more of the other investment opportunities yet to come from Aperture Science?

Panels and crushers become available at stores everywhere  when Valve's "documentary" Portal 2 becomes available on April 19, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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