According to a tweet from ApeClub (the official European twitter page for Ape Escape), the hotly anticipated Ape Escape sequel should be ready for a release later this year. The tweet is available to see here, and reads simply as follows:

Ape Escape PS3 – release date now Q2 – Q4 2010.

Seeing as we’re already toward the end of Q2, it’s fair to say it’s unlikely that we’ll see Ape Escape anytime soon, so look out for it late Q3/Q4 – most likely a holiday release.

We first heard wind of a new PS3 Ape Escape all the way back in 2006, before a firmer announcement was made last year at the Tokyo Game Show. Along with the game’s announcement it was revealed that Ape Escape PS3 would use the PlayStation Move accessory, leading me to believe that it will be a launch title for the Move, currently scheduled for a release this Fall.

Personally, I could not be more psyched for a new Ape Escape. I have extremely fond memories of the first, all the way back on the original PlayStation, and the idea that I could relive “the glory days” is, quite honestly, a dream come true. Some of you will no doubt be a little apprehensive as to the inclusion of the Move peripheral, but hey, who doesn’t want to throw their arms over their head in a catching motion to nab an ape? After all, someone needs to round them up!

Look for more news on Ape Escape PS3 on Game Rant in the coming months, especially around E3. Something tells me it’ll be featured at the Sony E3 Press Conference!

Are you looking forward to the new Ape Escape? Will you be buying it upon its eventual release? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ApeClub Twitter (via 1Up)

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