'APB: Reloaded' Hits 3 Million Users; Coming to Retail

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded quickly hits 3 million clients.

All Points Bulletin has seen it all: the ultimate failure of closing down less than five months after launch, the rebirth under a new developer, and now the success of having millions of users. Having changed developers since the original title went through a failed launch, the game transitioned from subscription-based to a free-to-play title, offering improvements to in-game weapons and cars for purchase, with discounts and bonuses provided to optional Premium Accounts. Now that the fight is once again back to the streets of San Piro, we have to say we're happy to see All Points Bulletin: Reloaded back in action.

For those who may not be familiar with the title, APB: Reloaded is based around one simple concept: there are cops, and there are criminals. Who you want to be is up to you, but from there on the game plays out like a massively multiplayer Grand Theft Auto. Log in to different districts of the city and engage in combat, joining crews with friends and completing specific objectives (steal these drugs, stop this crime, etc.). As players complete quests in rapid succession, they earn a Notoriety rating, and if it's high enoughm the people from the opposite side of the law will be offered bonuses to go after you, guns blazing.

We got to take a hands-on look at APB during E3 2011 this year, and were extremely impressed with the improvements GamersFirst have made - enough so that we nominated them for Best MMO of E3 2011. Rahul Sandil, the SVP of marketing and business development at GamersFirst, was confident from the beginning that the title was worth the time and money to redevelop:

"We recognized the potential for APB Reloaded to be a true breakout hit in the Free2Play category all through beta testing. We quickly amassed a vocal, dedicated community, and they’ve been instrumental in growing the game and helping better the experience."

Following the massive success of their Steam-based partnership, GamersFirst has announced that a retail launch is in the works, with a $29.99 retail package due to arrive on store shelves in the near future. It is touted to included "more than $50 worth of value including unique in-game items", and you should be able to find it at your local Walmart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop provided you live in North America.

If you think you might enjoy driving the streets of San Piro (whether cop or criminal), you can download the free-to-play game here.


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