The Cauldron creates a humorous video that depicts the recent excessive celebration by Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in the world of Super Mario Bros.

On December 6th, the Pittsburgh Steelers faced off against the Indianapolis Colts during a Sunday night football game in the NFL. The Steelers defeated the Colts 45-10, and while star wide receiver Antonio Brown was responsible for three touchdowns during that game, it was one in particular that stood out.

After returning a punt for a touchdown, Brown decided to jump and hug the goal post, not unlike something one expects to see Mario do at the end of a level in Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately, Brown isn’t quite as graceful as Nintendo’s iconic plumber, and wound up falling off the goal post, landing flat on his back in the end zone. To make matters worse for the Steelers, Brown was hit with a penalty flag for excessive celebration, resulting in a 15-yard penalty for the team.

Sports Illustrated’s The Cauldron also picked up on the similarities between Brown’s actions and Nintendo‘s Super Mario Bros. franchise. In fact, they even decided to make a video about the event, complete with Colts-themed Goombas and Mario returning to one of his side professions as a referee.

See the Antonio Brown Super Mario Bros. video right here:

This video from The Cauldron is rather humorous and clever. Gamers especially should be able to pick up on a couple of subtle jokes and references, such as Mario appearing as a referee again, just like he did in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! on the NES. Something else that gamers may have noticed is when Antonio Brown is hit with the penalty flag in the video, his death animation is exactly like Mario’s in the NES original.

Ultimately, this is a short, goofy video that hopefully even Antonio Brown will find humorous. It also goes to show just how important Mario and gaming in general is to our culture – that it is utilized and referenced in other forms of entertainment as well. All in all, video games and traditional sports have been intrinsically linked basically since gaming was conceived, and we still see examples of it today through things like this video, video games based on sports, and NFL stars such as Marshawn Lynch appearing in games.

Perhaps this video will inspire the folks at Nintendo, and we’ll even get an Antonio Brown amiibo for Super Mario Maker. Okay, that’s pretty unlikely. Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with this video of 8-bit Brown and his excessive celebratory antics.

Do you find The Cauldron’s video funny? Do you agree with the call by the NFL referees that Antonio Brown was excessively celebrating? Get at us in the comments below to discuss the NFL, Antonio Brown, and Super Mario Bros.

Source: The Cauldron