Mass Effect and KOTOR Writer Working on BioWare's Anthem

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Anthem, the new project from developer BioWare, was a topic of much discussion after it was officially revealed at E3 2017. In particular, fans of the developer's previous games were asking questions about the game's format, with the title looking very different from BioWare's normal penchant for story-driven, single player games. Something that may help alleviate any fears is the fact that Drew Karpyshyn, the acclaimed BioWare veteran, has returned for the project.

For the uninitiated, Karpyshyn is the hugely respected writer who was a major part of BioWare for a number of well-received titles. Chief among his back catalogue are the first two Mass Effect games and Knights of the Old Republic, as well as a number of novels from both properties. Karpyshyn has now confirmed that he is back for Anthem.

Karpyshyn had initially confirmed his return to BioWare back in 2015 after retiring from video games, but it was not exactly certain what the writer would be doing at the company. Now, the veteran has confirmed that he returned to the developer to work on Anthem, as seen by his Twitter update below.

The confirmation that Karpyshyn is working on Anthem may well help those skeptical about the game feel a little more at ease with the project. After all, it seems to showcase a very different type of gameplay from BioWare's usual style, leading some to state that Anthem could be a competitor to Destiny 2. If Anthem's genre does look likely to match that MMO shooter typing, then having a great storyteller on board could certainly help Anthem stand out from the others.

BioWare fans were able to get a brief glimpse at the game in action, thanks to an Anthem gameplay trailer revealed as part of E3 2017. There, the game's action focus was clear, through a seven minute showcase of several players teaming up on a mission, although little was shared about the game's overall plot or narrative.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before gamers will be able to see more of the game, and based on previous comments some kind of pre-release trial may be on the cards. Previously, game director Jonathan Warner had suggested that a public beta might be available, after all.

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Anthem is currently scheduled for release in fall 2018.

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