New Anthem Update is Ruining Matchmaking for Players

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This week, Anthem developer BioWare finally broke its silence, revealing plans to test Cataclysm content on a Public Test Server along with launching a new update with several key fixes. However, one of those fixes in the Anthem update has seemingly made the game worse, which, considering the state of Anthem at present, is a major blow to the remaining fans.

In the new Anthem update, BioWare made a change that is meant to make matchmaking better. Players may have to wait longer for teammates in the matchmaking queue, but the goal is to eliminate those situations where players have to complete activities solo, despite queuing up in matchmaking.

Unfortunately, what Anthem has now created is a situation where one player is stuck in matchmaking waiting for a teammate who may never appear. Several Anthem players on the game’s subreddit have reported instances of waiting in an endless matchmaking queue, before eventually quitting out and starting up a private instance.

For harder endgame activities like the new Sunken Cell stronghold, the need for a team is higher, but before players could progress through the encounters while looking for teammates at the same time. Now, they either commit to running the Stronghold solo or wait until at least one other person picks the same Anthem difficulty and the same activity.

In update 1.2.0 we made some changes to matchmaking to improve the player experience. You may see longer wait times for certain activities, but this should allow for having a greater chance for being matching up with other players instead of being put into an empty game.

In addition to this, we've extended the times that will allow players to back-fill existing missions and strongholds.

When it comes to easier activities like Legendary Contracts, Anthem players could complete the mission solo but when they choose to matchmake they now have to wait. And then when the matchmaking doesn’t find anybody, they then quit out and fire up a private group, guaranteeing that they will be playing solo from beginning to end.


The matchmaking change makes sense in theory but only if there are enough Anthem players trying to participate in the same activities. Unfortunately, the Anthem player base is dwindling and there are now a lot of players left waiting for at least one teammate. It’s just another case of the developer hoping to make a change for the better and instead making things worse.

Ultimately, it’s up to the player how they want to experience Anthem. Would they rather be put into an empty game and complete their activity or wait for a teammate and stare at a matchmaking screen?

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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