Anthem Reveals Story Trailer at E3 2018


Without a doubt, a bevy of gamers considered Anthem to be one of E3 2018's most highly anticipated games, as players had been excited to finally learn some more about the forthcoming action-RPG from BioWare. Thankfully, the studio has now given folks an additional bit of insight into what can be expected from title by releasing a brand new story trailer during Electronic Arts' EA Play 2018 presser.

Fans can get a look at the story trailer for BioWare's Anthem at E3 2018 directly below. The majority of the footage sets up the expectations for a looming threat that is threatening to wipe out an entire civilization, and as indicated by one of the characters, "The anthem is all that remains." Humans are up against some rather large extraterrestrial-like creatures, but the people can thankfully rely on the use of their Javelin exosuits to defend what's left.

Following the reveal of Anthem's story trailer, BioWare closed out Electronic Arts' EA Play 2018 press conference at E3 by offering players a look at some actual gameplay for the forthcoming action-RPG. For the most part, the enemies shown in the story trailer are depicted in the gameplay clip as being equal parts target practice and cannon fodder for the four different "Freelancer" classes, of which can be customized thanks to vanity microtransactions.

All things considered, Anthem definitely has loads of promise when it comes providing players with a meaty portion of sci-fi shooting with a dash of RPG elements, and it could even overtake such competitors as Destiny insofar as popularity is concerned. With the game now having a solid launch date in place, gamers should expect to learn much more from BioWare in the coming weeks and months. Not to mention, the studio will likely manage to turn some heads when it offers up a closer look at the title's gameplay during Microsoft's E3 2018 presser.

Anthem is currently scheduled for launch at February 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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