Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires Challenge is Souring Players on the Game


Lucky Anthem freelancers with Origin Access Premier or EA Access are getting all that BioWare's latest action RPG has to offer, whether it be checking out the four Javelins, playing through the game's story, or collecting the crafting material Ember. Speaking of the story, there appears to be one story beat catching flak due to its interruption of the actual story, strange pacing, and required challenges: the Tomb of the Legionnaires Challenge.

This challenge requires players to complete various tasks and must be done prior to proceeding through the story. It requires players to complete the tasks associated with the Trial of Cariff, Trial of Gawnes, Trial of Yvenia, and Trial of Artinia. Each task can be found below, but it's worth highlighting that the reception to this particular mission hasn't been the best.

This mission seemingly forces players into freeplay to complete these tasks. For many, this apparently feels like a gimmicky side mission players are required to complete before advancing through better content, which may not have been so bad if the story hadn't just previously hit a high. This interruption and forced freeplay have rubbed some players the wrong way, but even if it is not that big of a deal, it also appears there is a number of glitches associated with these trials.

Trial of Cariff

Missions 0/3

Gear Defeats 0/30

Combo Triggers 0/15

Multi-kills 0/3

Trial of Gawnes

Melee Defeats (0/50)

Ultimate Defeats 0/50

Legendary Defeats 0/3

Trial of Yvenia

Treasure Chests 0/15

Harvests 0/25

Javelins Repaired 0/3

Collectibles 0/10

Trial of Artinia

World Events 0/5

Weapon Defeats 0/30

Weak Point Defeats 0/15

Elite Defeats 0/9

From what we've managed to gather, it seems as if some of these tasks are locking up and not allowing players to complete some of the tombs such as missions not registering for the Trial of Cariff or issues finding collectibles in the Trial of Yvenia. This doesn't seem to be a widespread issue in Anthem, but this combined with the limited early access further hurting and dragging out the overall scenario of this mission may be a deal breaker for some.

Considering how this mission is currently catching a lot of flak, this is not shining the best light on BioWare's Action RPG. This is far from the first criticism of the game, though, as others have taken shots at the long loading screens, but it still seems set to make a great debut in just a few days' time.

Anthem releases February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s currently available via Origin Access Premier on PC and EA Access on Xbox One.

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