In the debut Anthem gameplay trailer at E3 2017, the big focus was on multiplayer gameplay. A team of players work together to take down smaller enemies, exploring the game’s open-world environment and diving into a community event together. But despite this, the game will still have a big focus on single-player content too.

On Twitter, Anthem‘s lead designer Corey Gaspur confirmed that the game’s single player experience is “very important” to the team. Apologizing for a delay in replying to fan questions, Gaspur also said that more “detailed information” regarding Anthem‘s single player will be revealed closer to launch. Given that the Anthem release date is not until late next year, fans could be waiting a while for information on that front.

The game’s publisher, EA, has said that Anthem is a 10-year journey, which seems to indicate that the game will receive a ton of downloadable content. Whether this will be story and single player related DLC or whether it will be multiplayer focused instead is unclear. Curious fans also want to know whether the single player content in the base game will be playable offline. In Ubisoft’s The Division, the single player content cannot be played unless players are connected to the Internet, which can be off-putting for those with slow or unstable connections.

Just like Destiny, a game which Anthem has been compared to, fans will also want to know what BioWare is doing to balance the single and multiplayer modes. In the first Destiny release, many felt that the story content lacked although multiplayer gameplay and playing together was incredible fun. Anthem has a former Mass Effect and KOTOR writer is working on the script, which indicates that BioWare is at least taking things seriously.

BioWare has plenty of questions to answer before the game’s release next year. Although some information about Anthem‘s abilities is out in the wild, Gaspur also teased “tantalizing choices in the suits” which suggests that plenty more information is to come.

Positively, Anthem may have a public beta. This should mean that much of the game’s content, from its single player gameplay to its combat abilities and (possible) PvP multiplayer mode can all be tested by players ahead of launch. Like other connected, shared-world shooters, this should allow BioWare to make vital tweaks and changes before the servers go live and the game is available to all.

Anthem launches in fall 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.