Anthem is on Sale for 50% Off Through Origin

EA's digital store known as Origin is hosting the Infinite Gaming Sale right now and with it come some very attractive deals for PC gamer. Among the game's discounted via the Infinite Gaming Sale is BioWare's Anthem, which is now on sale for 50% off.

Digital gaming stores have been featuring many valuable deals as of late. For example, The Sims 4 was free on Origin for PC and Mac last month. Moreover, digital stores like Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Games Store continually feature their own engaging sales. In the case of Origin's Infinite Gaming Sale, EA has discounted many of its recent high-profile titles for prices competitive with sales on the other gaming digital stores.

Among the games affected by the Infinite Gaming Sale, Anthem stands out as one of the signature titles included in the sale. At $29.99, its sale price reflects the developer's struggle to fix the game's existing flaws and reflects its overall reception by gamers.

In addition, Battlefield V has been discounted. Battlefield 5 had also seen its share of disappointment. Having had a reveal trailer with almost 300,000 dislikes at the time of the game's announcement, the game has been given a sale price of $23.99 for the Infinite Gaming Sale.

The Infinite Gaming Scale has plenty of other discounts as well, including the following highlights:

anthem sales fail to meet ea's expectations

With regards to the sale's contents, there are some well-received titles in the bunch. However, Anthem's presence is definitely noted.

Only a few months old at this point, Anthem has failed to click with audiences due to multiple factors despite multiple attempts from EA and BioWare at amending the game. Most recently, Anthem players were disappointed by the Cataclysm event. Going forward for the game, the hope is that a discount on Anthem is taken as a great opportunity for newcomers and not a signal of its dwindling player base.

Anthem is currently available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Origin (via PC Gamer)

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