Anthem 90-Day Roadmap Details New Content for Act 1

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In celebration of Anthem's official launch across all platforms, BioWare has released an updated 90-day roadmap detailing its plans for the 3-month post-launch period it's calling Act 1:  Echoes of Reality. While the new roadmap doesn't confirm any exact release dates, it does breakdown what content will arrive in each of the next three months. Players can expect new items, a new Mastery progression system, a lot of new Freeplay events, and the culmination of Act 1 growing into the Cataclysm.

According to the roadmap, the bulk of new content coming to Anthem between now and May, will be new Freeplay events. Early Access players have already gotten to see the Outlaw Outrage event, which resulted in the Outlaw faction spreading throughout the Freeplay map. February will see three events held: Outlaw Outrage, There Be Giants, and Shaper Surge. March will add two new unrevealed Freeplay events. April will add seven new events. And May will add another.

In other words, BioWare hopes that players will be happy with new Freeplay events being the main source of new content between now and May. Surprisingly, BioWare hasn't spent much time detailing its hopes with these Freeplay events. There's no word on whether they'll further Anthem's story or just be themed diversions that fill the map with different enemy types. But given that BioWare is keeping them mysterious, and how many of them are planned, there's likely something more to them.

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Freeplay events aren't the only new content coming to Anthem though most of the major feature plans were revealed in BioWare's previous roadmap update. In March, BioWare will add Elysian Stronghold Caches, chests with unique cosmetic gear, and Legendary Missions, a selection of replayable story missions.

In April, Anthem will receive its new Mastery progression system, additional Legendary Missions, add The Sunken Stronghold, a Weekly Stronghold Challenge, Leaderboards, and Guilds.

Finally, May will bring new Missions as well as a bigger bump of new items.

May's Cataclysm event is likely to prove a pivotal point in Anthem's development, but it will only mark the beginning of post-launch support for Anthem. Following Act 1: Echoes of Reality, two more Acts are planned. Act 2 is teased as being related to the Scar faction, while Act 3 teases an event from the world of Bastion's past. Expect to hear more on both of those events as the seasons change in 2019.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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