One of the biggest games unveiled at E3 2017 was Anthem, EA’s answer to shared world multiplayer titles like Destiny and The Division. There was some confusion about the game’s release window in the wake of the reveal, which has now been clarified by the studio.

An update to EA’s YouTube channel shortly after the Anthem teaser trailer aired stated that the game would launch in spring 2018. However, this was redacted by the time more footage was shown at Microsoft’s conference, at which point it was stated that its release would in fact come in fall 2018.

Now, the official Anthem website has gone live, and it states front and center that the game is set to launch in fall 2018 — which makes sense for a game with the potential to be a huge commercial success. What remains to be seen is what sort of competition the title will be up against at that time.

Anthem on Destiny-Like 10-Year Plan

With Destiny 2 launching this year, it’s more than likely that DLC for the game will still be dropping when Anthem hits the scene. However, while the sequel looks set to be just as successful as its predecessor, the fact that it will have been available for a full year should ensure that both titles can coexist.

There is a possibility that a sequel to The Division could hit in 2018, which might provide some direct competition for Anthem. That being said, there are doubts about whether or not Ubisoft is planning to continue the franchise, after developer Massive Entertainment was assigned to the Avatar licence earlier this year.

Anthem is clearly a big priority for EA, and could well be one of the cornerstones of its output for the next decade. It all depends on whether or not players get invested in the experience — and a fall 2018 release window should give the game just enough breathing room from its biggest competition, Destiny 2.

Anthem launches in fall 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: EA