Anthem Will Include Raid/Dungeon Experiences

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The Electronic Arts E3 2018 press conference is behind us and the publishing giant has left fans with much to look forward to in the months ahead. While games like Battlefield V and Unravel Two left their mark, EA's biggest heavy-hitter this year was Anthem, the new action role-playing game from Mass Effect developer BioWare. Despite the studio putting so much on show at the conference, some gamers still had a few questions and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah was happy to answer.

Since the conference concluded, Darrah has taken to Twitter to fetch questions from fans excited for the new game. Questions include many topics involving Anthem from "are jet packs infinite use?..." to "are there more weapons because you don't have to balance for PVP?" but there is one in particular that catches the eye. When asked by a fan "Can we expect Dungeon/Raid experiences?" Darrah replied with a simple "Yes"

The idea of raids or dungeons in Anthem is undeniably appealing. From what EA and Bioware put on display of the game at the conference it's clear that it's going to have a very large scope, perfect for massive raid boss fights. It's also important to remember that this is Bioware, the studio responsible for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, some of the most popular story-driven RPGs in recent memory. Assuming that the studio can build a world as intricate and deep as those, any raid could tie fantastically into the story.


It's important that we address the elephant in the room with all of this, the same elephant that has been present since the games announcement, the elephant called Destiny. Since it's announcement the similarities has been very apparent between the two games and the inclusion of raids, a big part of Destiny's endgame content, will only further those comparisons.

It seems Bioware is all too aware of these comparisons, trying to appeal to a part of Destiny's fanbase looking for different things. During the conference, Bioware put great emphasis on story and single-player play, something Destiny has received criticism for, saying that they want to make it so "playing with people feels like a choice."

Assuming Bioware can live up to their name as game developers and bring both story and gameplay to the table in a real way then raids will add to an already great experience. After the disaster that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA and Bioware could really use a win and if they play their cards right Anthem could be that win.

Anthem will be out on February 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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