Anthem Won't Have PvP Combat at Launch

Anthem PvP gameplay feature E3 2018

During EA's E3 2018 press conference, EA and developer BioWare revealed lots more about sci-fi RPG Anthem including the showcase of a brand new gameplay demo. However, one thing noticeably missing from the trailer and the question and answer session that preceded it was Anthem player versus player. The game may pit players against massive creatures but fans are eager to know whether it will feature PvP gameplay too.

Game Informer wanted to know the answer to that question too, which is why the publication asked BioWare directly during a recent interview for its Anthem cover story. When asked if Anthem will feature PvP, the game's executive producer Mark Darrah responded with a quick and succinct "no."

Following the game's showing during the EA E3 2018 presser, Darrah also took to social media to respond to more questions about the game and unsurprisingly, quite a few of these questions related to PvP. After saying that Anthem will not have PvP "at launch," promptly getting fans excited about a possible post-launch PvP update, Darrah clarified by explaining that BioWare "may look at it" but there is "nothing planned yet."

The lack of PvP in Anthem may be disappointing to some fans who were eager to put their Javelin mech suits to the ultimate test. The game offers significant Javelin customization and it would have been great fun to customize different builds for different PvP game modes, in a sort of rock, paper, scissors counter-system that would have forced players to think tactically when facing off against one another.

Moreover, Anthem has been seen by many as a competitor to Destiny 2. The lack of PvP no longer strikes a blow to the Bungie-developed game, meaning that players will still have to dip into Destiny 2 if they would like to get their PvP gameplay fix.

Though, it's not all bad news as Darrah also explained one of the key benefits of not having PvP in the game. The producer noted that because the development team will not have to consider weapon balance for PvP, it will allow the team to make more outlandish weapons. Weapon balance and fixing issues with weapons like the Wardcliff Coil has been one of the major thorns in the side of Destiny 2 and other games like it. As a result, Anthem players may have much more fun with these weapons than they would have done in PvP.

Anthem will be released on February 22, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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