Anthem Developers Still Committed to New Content

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It's been another tough PR week for Anthem, a game which has been no stranger to controversy after launching in February. While BioWare continues to tweak and improve the game, news broke earlier this week that three lead developers have left the project to join the Dragon Age 4 team. Naturally, this news left the player base concerned for Anthem's future, especially with the recent content delays and current state of the game. BioWare has heard the concerns and quickly replied to try and end the speculation.

Taking to Twitter, BioWare's head of live services Chad Robertson attempted to provide some clarity on the current Anthem situation and confirmed that both BioWare's Austin and Edmonton studios are dedicated to continuing to improve and fix the current game. In an effort to not overpromise going forward, the studio plans to only share updates on what's coming when things are near completion.

Lead producer Michael Gamble also jumped in on the conversation to echo that BioWare's support and commitment to Anthem haven't changed throughout all of this developer movement. He went on to say that most of the discussion and speculation over the past few days has been largely incorrect.

Many fans responded by expressing concerns and frustrations with the current state of the game such as the lack of communication. Gamble replied by reaffirming the team gives updates when features are ready, also implying that the level of negativity from many players has stopped developers from posting more regularly on places like the Anthem subreddit.

The trouble really started earlier this week when fans discovered that key members of the Anthem team including Mark Darrah, Jonathan Warner, and Michael Gamble have left the current group in order to join back up with Dragon Age 4. It's unclear if this was always the plan considering that Darrah and Gamble were brought in after the fact to help push Anthem across the February finish line.

While any senior developers leaving a project is concerning, Anthem has a good shot at recovering at BioWare Austin, who seemingly has the majority of the current development staff, as the studio has gone through a similar situation in the past with its PC MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. After launching the MMO in 2011, the Austin studio continued to iterate and improve the game eventually evolving it into a beloved product for many.

Anthem is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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