Anthem Missions Are Designed for Four Players


Anticipation for BioWare's upcoming sci-fi RPG Anthem has been swelling since a new trailer and gameplay demo appeared at E3 2018. While the developer has been sharing a lot of information on the title, the gaming community still has questions. Thankfully, the executive producer on Anthem, Mark Darrah, has been busy on Twitter, happily answering as many as he can. The latest tidbit he divulged is that missions, while they can be played solo, are designed for four players. That may not come as too much of a surprise to those following the game closely.

Darrah's Twitter feed reads like a giant Q&A, and amongst the many questions he took the time to answer, one user asked if other players would be present on a map when they play solo. Darrah responded, saying that players on missions will be alone, but in free play, others will be present. Another user responded to the post, concerned that there would be no teams at all in missions. Darrah had to clarify, stating, "No. The question was specifically about IF you play a mission solo. Missions are designed for 4. You can play with 1-4."

Because Anthem has been heavily promoted with four players present during missions, it is understandable how this could be slightly confusing. What's more, there will not be any AI-controlled squadmates available to fill in the positions like there were in many past BioWare RPGs. There will still be ways to form a squad, however. Darrah confirmed that Anthem will have an invite system and squad matchmaking. For those who enjoy story and characters, he says there will be plenty of meaningful interactions with NPCs.

Those hoping to have a deeper connection with those NPCs will be disappointed to learn that Anthem just wants characters to be friends, and will feature no romances. This is a huge departure for BioWare, which has a long tradition of romantic options in its games. Without NPC squadmates, however, it will be more difficult to form the tight-knit relationships found in past titles. This time around, BioWare is more interested in interactions between real, human players. Whether players pursue their own romances with each other through the game is up to them.

Anthem releases on February 22, 2019 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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